By berrysmotivation - December 07, 2015


its been an amazing start of a new week. I recently attended an event where different artists had to perform. After the first few performances people knew what next to expect as it was quite predictable but then the MC called out for the next act and he took more than 5 mins to get to stage. Trust humans, people started grumbling, complaining and they kept wondering what was wrong. Next up we saw a good looking young man, well dressed but with crutches. omg! everyone was in awe not just seeing the crutches but because he sang beautifully well and he was motivated. He did not give excuses with his disability but made something of it and for the few minutes he performed, amidst the cheers and claps i kept on thinking to myself, if hes motivated why cant i stay motivated. I do not want to get stuck but to keep moving. This pushed me to the start of this week, to keep the week as beautiful as it started and to stay happy why not try these few things and see how the week ends.

BE THANKFUL, for everything, no matter how little. genuinely show appreciation.

DO NOT COMPLAIN, there's no reason to complain, regardless of how bad things may seem just look on the bright side of everything and dwell on the positives.

 GET BUSY. it isn't too cliche to say an idle mind is the devils playground but it is relatively true. Get busy with things that make you happy. Be productive. Try something new.

SELF APPRECIATION.  say good things to yourself, embrace who you are, and appreciate every bit of you.

               EXERCISE : exercise at least 3 to 4 times this week. Do not get too comfortable, avoid binge eating, eat healthy and get going.

REACH OUT: reach out to family, check on friends and loved ones, stay positively connected. 
not so much to do but definitely worth a try. life is as beautiful as you want it, as you make it.. stay happy. stay motivated. keep kicking. 


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  2. Hmnnn... I see certain people didn't "reach out" to me o. Anyway, the week isn't over yet.....lol

    1. yes its still on darling.. thanks for swinging by...