How to mix and blend

By berrysmotivation - December 24, 2015

How do you mix and blend?

I think this is a very familiar question for most people i know including myself as a huge percentage of my friends are medical doctors.

How do you create time for fun?
How do you still manage to look good?
What time do you have to study?
Are you sure you are in the right profession?

Let's clear all that up, how you live your life and still create time for the things you love is up to you.

I would start with one piece of wisdom i got from one of our famous school stories growing up.
 "no one is indispensable"  these words have become more meaningful as i have grown in my career. Always remember you can do anything but not everything, don't give your all to way too much.
The beauty of life must be completely utilized.

When it's time to work, that's what i'm doing, when it's time to study, nothing else matters, when it's time to have fun, i enjoy every bit of it, when it's time to eat or rest i'm really good at it and when its time to plan, think, reflect, that's when i'm at my best.

Scheduling, may not be that easy especially for the young married ones who just got started. Having kids, working, managing the home and still planning for that bright future may not be easy. The single ones don't have it easy either with an 8-5 job, trying to make things work etc.

I personally work with plans, daily targets, most times my to-do lists come in play because i try to complete everything on the list at the end of the day. Not just daily but monthly, yearly etc. Have a big picture in mind and everyday see that you constantly working towards it. In all of these you have to be kind to yourselves. Despite having less free time or no fun time as it may seem, you can still have a good schedule, plan ahead and create time for relaxation.

Don't forget to live while living, Don't let good years go to waste by putting your life on hold until you have made it. Love yourself enough to pamper you in order to be refreshed, renewed and prepared for new tasks.

You can still look good, wear good clothes, have holidays, have good sleep at night and still be effective at what you do. FUNDS shouldn't even limit you because you can still create a happy lifestyle with the little you have. Life is to be enjoyed not endured.

I hope this helps everyone reading this, feeling the pressure of work, family or anything else.

Finally i would say DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else by assuming they have a better life than you do because you never know what it really is. Its all about choices, decisions and perspectives.
                                    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.

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  1. My new motto for 2016... Nice one dear

  2. thanks and you one of the reasons i would keep doing this...x

  3. I needed to read this, especially today #feelingswamped.....thank u doc.