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By berrysmotivation - December 21, 2015

Thoughts of the week
plan for the week

Its a busy time of the year, the season has a momentum of its own. We may be carried away doing everything but end up doing nothing.
    Here are few thoughts to help you through this week.

Everyone can't be you.
   As the year comes to an end, avoid those unnecessary fall outs you have with people. Ever wondered why sometimes its difficult to get along with people? It's because you think everyone should be you and you always assume they have same thoughts as you or you want them to act same way you would.
   Give allowances, give excuses for their mistakes. Backgrounds, beliefs are different, be patient with people, avoid pointless arguments, ignore and be ready to forgive. Just remember they are not you and see how easy living becomes.

What are friends for?
    As the year comes to an end, what can you say you have added positively to that one person or people you call friends? I have recently come to realize that if one friend is successful we are all successful. The world is full of hate, envy, jealousy etc so everyone is extra careful. When you try to climb up alone, you are at more risk up there alone. It means when you need help you wouldn't have any one to ask or lean on. When you up there alone its actually more of a burden because everyone else would need you and how many can you really reach out to? However, friendship empowerment is great. Don't try to do it alone.   Help each other grow, help uplift each other, that one friend that seems weak shouldn't be left alone. Its not too late to start the new year as a strong team.

The less trick.

   Expectation is the root of all heartache says WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. There's not much to say here other than avoiding the emotional imbalance that comes with disappointment by expecting less.
   Do an honest check and see that most disappointments we've had are because of high expectations placed on people, things and even situations
  Try the trick, expect less or nothing, get everything or nothing and see how the littlest things make you happy

Get ahead of the game
  It's not too early to start planning afresh because in no time the new year would be gradually unfolding.
  What are your goals, targets, plans, or dreams? In my previous post on the success tool kit, i talked about having goals and targets. Its time to set targets. Don't get stuck, keep planning, execute and see results. Plan to get the best of whatever you are doing, plan for upgrade, don't stay on same level be sure to be ahead of the game.


 A different result wouldn't come from doing same thing. Change the game plan, do something different. You have been at same level for so long, at work, business, in your relationships etc.Change is the solution to stagnation.
Take a brief ride through this years journey, so many underachieved goals. Things can still change. Check also for negative energy or attitudes and throw all that away. Don't forget worthless SHIPS' friendships, relationships, let all that go. Change to see new results,
Start now



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