My Big Happy Experience

By berrysmotivation - December 12, 2015

As i sit to write this lovely saturday Morning, I thought to share my work desk ^ and also share MY BIG HAPPY EXPERIENCE.
     On a recent trip to Europe, something happened but guess what? Before the trip i had prayed for a good thing to happen, So i kept an open mind.
For someone like me who hates flying, I immediately found my comfort zone after boarding. It was a night flight so i tucked in and was ready for my beauty sleep.

      Half way through, with mild turbulence i heard the flight announcement. Thinking it was a warning as to what next to expect, I quickly sat up, held on to the seat next to me although somehow i heard "doctor" but i ignored. It was life first. Same announcement was made again and this time i heard loud and clear. They needed a doctors attention urgently and i was the only doctor on board as it seemed. Took me about 5 secs to get the attention of one of the crew. BOY! doctors are so young these days
    He kept on staring and i could understand because he probably expected to see a middle aged man/woman maybe with white hair creeping" in somewhere.

      Well, I walked up to the person who needed help. Don't want to bore you with details but i was able to help, thank God the first aid kit had all we needed. He felt better, thanked me and was monitored for the rest of the flight. I heard someone whisper " shes so young, i thought she was the person that needed help"

Everyone kept on staring, wondering and afterwards they came asking for my medical license which i had. I filled a form. YES! I saved a life. Saved many but this was high up in the sky.

   The journey continued with no stress, I watched the new movies they had at the time.
Had my sparkling white wine with the free WiFi on board, my journey was beautiful

Yes this was my big happy experience and so happy to share with y'all. At every point if the need arises lets help as much as we can. Don't be shy, do what you can and you would be amazed at how much you can do. 
If you've got an experience you would love to share, leave a comment down below and lets all share your beautiful experience with you.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Don't forget to eat healthy, stay healthy and be happy.
from the "Berrys Journal"..


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  1. Lol @ She's so young... Were they expecting Soyinkas mate.. Abeg people welcome to the 21st century where doctors are not jus brain.. But beauty n young too..

    1. yeah sure....proud to have a young beautiful professional like you as my friend.