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By berrysmotivation - December 10, 2015

THE EYES are the windows of the soul "
imagine the innumerable things that can be done with the eyes, then imagine life without the eyes.
Before med school i had to do Cambridge A'levels somewhere really far away from home where i met an amazing soul. For some reason we clicked as friends and over time i have come to realize the reason we were and still are friends is because we are alike. shes really purpose driven, self motivated and hardworking. we worked together at military hospital Lagos and at some point she said to me, i want to start an NGO and i said to her, wait, get well established before you start but if you think you are ready then go for it.. few weeks after so much hard work she was ready to go.

Meet Dr Barilee Abueh the founder of  SIGHT RESCUE INITIATIVE.

she says
sight rescue initiative is a  non-profit making organization that will serve developing countries as a provider of primary eye care, education and advocacy for the prevention of avoidable blindness.

our mission is to help eliminate preventable blindness and promote the quality of life in developing countries.

Sight rescue initiative has five goals and we try as much as possible to achieve these goals in every project. 

the 1st goal; is vision screening to detect poor vision or risk factors that interfere with vision and normal vision development. we screen for cataract and also offer free cataract surgeries, screen for Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macula degeneration and we provide proper referrals, counselling and medication when needed.

the 2nd goal: is the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error through the provision of free refraction and glasses for school children and free reading glasses for presbyopes (an age related condition that makes it difficult for you to read very close). 
These are pictures from different projects in Lagos Nigeria.

the 3rd goal: is the treatment of ocular conditions, free treatment would be prescribed for minor ocular conditions such as allergies, vernal, atopic and infectious conjunctivitis, dry eye and other ocular surface disorders.

the 4th goal: is to provide low vision and rehabilitative care. 


the 5th goal: is to promote ocular health awareness through education and also promote continuity by training focused persons in the community to serve as sight rescue advocates, recognize common eye illnesses after the completion of the project and give appropriate referrals.

our long term goal is to execute our mission which is to help eliminate preventable blindness from the nooks and crannies in developing countries across the world.

really thoughtful to put this together..
 lets use our gifts, talents, careers to do something meaningful and leave a legacy.

this is also an awareness platform, get checked, involve family members and help prevent avoidable blindness.

how thoughtful is Dr Barilee? the website is currently under maintenance but you can send a mail to also check facebook, instagram @sightrescue. 

leave a comment lets know what you think and if you are thinking of starting something or doing something don't be scared, take a risk, take a chance.. BE THOUGHTFUL.


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  1. Barile...awww that's so good of her. It's not easy to put yourself out there for others. Wot she is doing is wonderful

    1. Thank you Dera. I appreciate this. Thanks for your post my dear friend Dr. Mute