By berrysmotivation - December 09, 2015

when you ask a man, what his future plans are, number 1 or 2 is almost always to be successful. it has to be everyone's short or long term goal. its not enough to wish or make affirmations of success everyday but you have to constantly work towards it. KEITH HARRELL said attitude is everything, whats your attitude towards success? check that you have the success tool kit.

whats in the kit?

1) people who are better than you: i have a friend who told me and i quote " i do not compete with my mates but with those who are better than me" mistake 101 is trying to always be the best among people you better than. what really happens is, they keep sapping from you but you have nowhere to sap from. In science its called parasitism. however its very okay to work towards being the best but that shouldn't be your comfort zone. you want to constantly get better, and an environment where you are constantly learning is what you need.

2) room for improvement: improve on your skills, or your career. even if you've achieved your dreams, don't stop. there's always that extra room for improvement, updates, re-directions and upgrades. irrelevance is easily achieved. avoid it! i would always say keep kicking.

3) garbage in garbage out: once its useless, let it go. first you have to be aware that its useless, so you have to be very conscious of your environment, people, things, attitudes, habits, if its not helping positively don't hold on to it, let her go!  oops let it go. for a second i started singing that song.( i bet you know it).

4) goals. i personally think life without goals is boring. even a day without daily targets is empty. set goals/targets. try to achieve them,, its interesting waking up achieving set goals, it keeps the mind busy and gets you working. Daily, monthly, yearly, future goals must be set. get working. get going. achieve the dream.

5) break: stop for a minute and smile: yes take a break. breath,  i grew up not knowing what holidays were for. people worked all year round. but wait? at what point do you enjoy your earnings? take time off everything, have an actual holiday not a shopping is really beautiful. enjoy it!

its midweek, stay inspired...

feel free to drop comments down below i would be more than grateful to hear from y'all and respond to each and everyone of you.. thanks for the support so far..


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  1. Replies
    1. yes yes sis...thanks for swinging by.. im happy..

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  3. Someone is feeling is wit some well deserved inspirational tools oo... Nice one doctor... Hmm I need to b on dis ur juice oo...

    1. thanks dr Dera for the support. you are an amazing friend. lets keep this going.

  4. Nice...., new morning ritual for me to look up

    1. thank you dear and im glad this is something you would have to look up to...x