By berrysmotivation - January 06, 2016

I woke up this morning completely clueless on what to share and i thought why not make someone happy today, and because 7 is my favorite number i thought to share 7 RANDOM THINGS that make me happy.
   First let me share some selfies i took while i did the post yesterday.

So first on my list is

1. SELFIES. I have too many, so many and i thought why not randomly share them

2. GOOD FOOD. Hence the struggle to keep fit and stay slim

3. LOVE. Knowing you're loved and you can love makes everyone happy (i'm a sucker for love)

4. TV SERIES. Some of my favorites. (X factor, Americas next top model, devious maids)

5. GOOD SLEEP. Uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep, completes my day

6. QUIET/ALONE TIME. I love my space and my time. Nothing beats that.

7. GOOD FRIENDS/FAMILY.  When you have friends that motivate and inspire you, and good family to support you. What else would one ask for?

So there's an international day of happiness which is march 20 and i just found out. We are not there yet but why not celebrate happiness everyday? 
I did this random post just to unwind and to inspire everyone to stay happy everyday. I would be delighted knowing someone out there had a happy day just because of this post.

Stay motivated, inspired and HAPPY.


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  1. I ll agree with you that happiness is very important to the soul.. Cos it rejuvenates u both in the inside n on d outside...
    Things that make me happy.. Hmm that's a hard one.. I ll say
    Spending time with family, friends n most esp the boo😜
    Love to go swimming, even tho it's been ages I v gone since I returned to Naija
    Love to eat good food, hence my not being able to lose weight
    I love to travel n go shopping(which girl doesn't tho)
    I love my TV series.. Everybody knows that
    I love to impact lives in my own little way..
    I can go on n on... N yep
    I LOVE SELFIES too(n u wonder y we r friends

    1. Really nice... We have to hate food this year to cut down the extra fat.. You have inspired me to start a new weight loss journey so keep it up and keep doing the things that make you happy... Thanks for stopping by.....x p.s those trips we haven't made we still have to make them, my fairytales don't end... Lol..