By berrysmotivation - January 05, 2016

Happy new year lovelies, this may be coming late but its still the new year after all. If you are reading this it means you have decided to start another beautiful journey with me this year. THANK YOU.
 So i have been away and took a short break but i'm back and better this year and ready to keep these pages alive for everyone. 
  This blog kicked off late last year and i am glad to say i have gotten amazing responses and feedback so far. This year would definitely be great.

  I hope we enjoyed every bit of the celebrations with friends and family. 

 So, how have we started the year?  bad  good? very good? or excellent?

Have you started planning? gotten that wish list ready or goal? not to late to get started. Make sure to have a set goal in mind and everyday ensure you do something to achieve them. I've emphasized so much on set goals in previous posts that's because its been working for me. 
As you get started with the year, here are few things to note or do as the year progresses.


The risk is not knowing. Get tested, start clean and healthy this year and ensure to stay that way. You can actually go years without eliciting symptoms of STDS. HIV/AIDS is still spreading and many people go unnoticed. I personally met someone who discovered only a day to her wedding that her husband to be was HIV positive and he knowingly kept it from her, how many more find out years after marriage? Try to act smart and be safe. Not leaving out hepatitis B which many people take for granted but its exists and its also deadly if ignored. HOWEVER,  using this medium to also spread the news of stopping deadly unhealthy habits (smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse etc.). stay healthy.


  There is no greater wealth in this world than the peace of mind and if possible as far as it depends on you be at peace with everyone. It feels good to start a new year knowing you have nothing against anyone and you've moved past the guilt of last year. Its easier said but can be done. Have a fresh start with everyone, forgive and move on, hold nothing against anyone and see how peaceful your mind remains. There's no use hating or keeping grudges, what are you angry for? would it add value to you? Love like never before and live freely.


What makes a man rich isn't his earnings but his spending habits, many people live above their earnings and end up in debts. You would actually have a fresh start if you choose to clear all debts.I know it may not be easy, but make conscious efforts to clearing them and it would actually help you work harder. Not just financial related debts, what about emotional? You are a mum or dad and you owe your kids lots, like your time, gifts, what of those friends and family members you haven't reached out to in ages or those promises you have left unfulfilled. Do you know that a promise made is a debt unpaid? try now, debt free living is equivalent to stress free living.

                                            RENEW YOUR ENVIRONMENT:                                                                                                            
This space is one anyone would want to come back to. No clusters!

 We are back from the holidays, refreshed and renewed, what of our spaces?
 Maybe there wasn't enough time to do anything during the celebrations, now is the best time. renew your space. A renewed environment breeds a refreshed mind and we all want to start afresh. Change your sheets, even your kitchen utensils and dishes I grew up in Africa where we store new dishes unused for years and i keep asking my self what for? you can inculcate the habit of changing them yearly, don't leave out your work space or even your closet. Try these and see how excited it would be to go back home daily or go smiling to work just to sit in your new haven

Its OK to set new goals, plan for the year but are you ready to get started? prepare yourself for this great year, its already been a beautiful start lets get ready together and have beautiful stories to share at the end. I'm so happy to start this year with everyone here who takes out time to read every post and i must say you all inspire and motivate me to keep coming back here to leave something.

Cheers to 2016 and wishing everyone a beautiful new journey. 



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  1. Nice write up to start the year.. But finally u v come bak for us.. Been refreshing since the 26th.. Welcome bak n hope d year spans out as u v planned for u Hun..

    1. yes dear im back and ready for the year. im glad you are up to date with posts would be doing a give away soon for my favorite readers who have been consistent and you are definitely first on my list.. happy new year dear...x

  2. Correct.. U know giveaway is my middle name