By berrysmotivation - February 01, 2016


She woke up in tears, with fear and in doubt wondering why things had been the way they had been for so long. Things had been so uneasy not financially but in every other aspect. So many things disturbed her. Was it a product of her mistakes, or a product of her parents mistakes. or was it because someone somewhere didn't wish her well? These thoughts lingered on for so long and disturbed her peace of mind. She had made mistakes, taken actions, gone so far, spoke to people both old and young, experienced and inexperienced just in search of peace but nothing worked. What finally gave her mental freedom was a personal decision she made and a change of a prevailed mindset. SHE SAID " because we are not a product of our mistakes and because we are not in control of certain things that happen, we have to keep going with an assurance that things would get better and there's an opportunity for everyone to move past their mistakes and enjoy the serenity of a peaceful and hopeful mind which kicks us into a better and a fresh start"

Its still the new year and a new month of love. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS were made, mistakes have been made, obstacles seen, hopes dashed, minds wondering towards negative. For some, things couldn't get better, it has been beautiful, describe beauty with the best of words and that is what they feel. So many may be wondering why a year could start so bad, some have set goals that seem unreachable but its OK. Its beautiful to see a new month starting on a Monday, which inspired this post because here is an opportunity to start again. The good thing about starting again is that no one has placed a limit on fresh starts, it's not bought with a price, it's not counted by anyone. Someone spoke out in the media and said " I don't believe in new year resolutions because everyday is a new start"  I liked it and I appreciated those words because we do not have to wait for so long to start again, we can start now.

Whatever disturbs your peace, make conscious effort to put it behind or make things better. It may sound so easy but it only takes a decision to try to make things better.

It's a month of love, lets love and be loved. lets make ourselves happy. The world and the economic situation may make things seem uneasy and uncertain but we have to keep moving and moving towards a positive angle. Don't let the hurt of yesterday stop you from loving or moving but let it inspire you to a fresh start. YOUR PAIN YOUR POWER, YOUR FRUSTRATION YOUR INSPIRATION.


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  1. Nice right up doc.. It's really filled with a lot of useful motivation.. I especially love the part of Everyday being a new start.. My new motto

    1. Yes everyday should be a new start. I'm glad you can key into our motivation for the week.. Thank you for your faithful support....x