By berrysmotivation - March 30, 2016

Dear Friday,
      Thanking you in anticipation for the most beautiful day ever, you have been amazing in the last decades and would be even more amazing in greater years to come. Just because you are the last work day of the week, just because with you comes relaxation, fun, and all that good stuff. Everyone loves the sound of FRI- even before DAY is mentioned. We wake up hating MONDAYS because you (FRIDAY) exist. How beautiful is it that you make us all happy even more beautiful to know you will exist for ages except for sure a reverse of some sort is done.
Oh happy day, I'm still not sure if I was born on a Friday, I'm actually too lazy to count back but it would be too beautiful to know though. Thank you dear Friday for being you and I know I'm speaking the minds of many who would totally love to appreciate you too.
            love you always.

N.B. feel free to send your love to Friday in the comment box down below. I know you love Fridays too.

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