AT HOME WITH JENNIFER DOMINIC: Laboratory Technician, Finance Manager, BSc Biological sciences student & An Aspiring Oncologist in Drug Design and Pharmaceutical Management.

By berrysmotivation - March 31, 2016

     How would you describe your personal space?

 It is a space that I have adapted to my persona. It pretty much has my cupboards with mirrors that have my clothes (to get ready in style), my desk with my books, PC and speakers (for when assignments are due), my Smart TV for Netflix, my guitar (Which I don’t know how to play), my shoes, my bedside cupboards and my bed J. All in all, my room makes me happy and I can pick a corner of my room to go to, depending on my mood.

       What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

-Walk straight in the kitchen (which is downstairs), check to see if my housemates have cooked anything (because I am always hungry), If not – I start to make food straight away (from Indomie to Jollof rice and chicken, depending on the extent of the hunger). I go to my room (upstairs) drop everything on the floor and listen to music on my sound-bar for about 2 hours and catch up with my housemates.

       What’s your favorite chill spot?

-Probably my bed, because I can do everything from here, I am currently typing from here, I eat from here, I can do work from here and watch TV at the same time! And most importantly I sleep here.

       What’s your favorite thing to do before bed?

-I have a routine before I sleep, I don’t know which I would say is my favorite. Usually, I send all the important emails to supervisors, lecturers, colleagues etc. (so they can receive it as soon as they come in the morning), I shower (because sleep is way better after this), I set my alarm, start watching Netflix, then I pillow talk with my boyfriend until I sleep off….

       Do you prefer home cooked meals or?

-Definitely home cooked meals, there is just something about them (so succulent) - however I also enjoy going to new restaurants of different cultures especially to try new things (I find that the world is too big to restrict yourself to only one type of food). I don’t actually like fast food (which is weird because I am a student) – but I don’t think it makes much effort to whip up a quick meal.

      What about you inspires people the most?

-Different people take to different things about me, but I think the one thing I own up to as my inspirational feature is: my willingness to not give up on anything, I keep my head up high no matter how critical things may get, if I want it – I get it. I tend to always see the best in people and if they don’t see it, I will help them find it. I am always smiling and find laughter no matter how intense the atmosphere may be. People take to that and I am glad it inspires them.

     Tips and tricks for a comfortable personal space

-Lol, well, easy access to your remote, laptop, charger, window and if possible your light switch (laziness is in the air, I am sure you can tell!). A desk and office chair because when you have work to do (whether career or education), you definitely need a space that you can concentrate and get things done, comfortably! And last but not least, I would say personalization (this can come as your room being color co-ordinated with your best colors) or (posters of your favorite characters; marvel, science posters etc.) or (pictures of friends, family or loved ones) and maybe (a quote that puts you in a happy place – I have a quote in my room that says ‘’LIFE IS LIKE A CAMERA, FOCUS, on the future – CAPTURE, the good times –DEVELOP, from the negatives and TAKE ANOTHER SHOT’’ – it couldn’t be put any simpler!
-All of these are important because, you want to feel happy in your room and trust me, when you walk into your friends room – you don’t want to feel like it is way better than yours (because you already have everything you need in yours, everything that is personal to you).

       What’s your best relaxation therapy?

-Anything that makes me feel like I am in control again - this comes in the form of shopping or if work is annoying me I do my assignments, I like to talking to my friends (talking about something that is bothering me with my loved ones, helps me to clarify the fact of ‘the worst that could happen’ moving forward). I usually feel a lot better afterwards.

      What are your greatest achievements so far and what do you hope people can learn from you?

-Well, achievements can be quantified in different ways, but for me the greatest one: is the fact that I believed that God would help me pull through when I had no way out, it seemed like a closed door but he gave me a back way in.

By his grace today: I am in my final year at university, with a full tuition fee waiver (scholarship), which does not exist in the UK (at least not for home students or Postgraduate degree courses). I am a shop manager at a finance company, I am a laboratory science technician at my university (even though you need a degree for this), I worked as a personal banker for a year last year (most people would be required to be graduates for this), I have paid my own rent since I was 16 (I am now 21), most important of all, my mum no longer provides for me- I provide for her and we are nowhere near where we need to  be!

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