By berrysmotivation - March 18, 2016

love really makes the world a better place. That's my opinion. Show me a happy person and I would show you who he/she is in love with.( I know I would get hit for this). Well yes that's my opinion. So we know how love starts, usually starts with meeting each other then the first date then probably first kiss and the rest is history. I got to ask some of my friends on their idea of  a perfect date and here's all they had to say...

  when it comes to a perfect date, all the little details  matters. Call me petty, but I love when its all about me  during a date. A perfect date would have to start with a  mid afternoon movie  with popcorn then we go for  something adventurous ( I would leave it for him to   surprise me cos I love surprises). Then we head home to   get dressed and out for froyo"(frozen yogurt) or cocktail  somewhere casual where we can talk and get to know  each other better without distractions. Dancing after that  wouldn't be a bad idea before we call it a day.The date  wouldn't be complete without HIM complimenting me at any given opportunity.

  First off, I have to say i'm bit of a pessimist/closet romantic combination. So I tend to think perfect dates happen only in Hollywood or Nora Roberts/ Nicholas Sparks novels. My perfect date would start at about 7pm, I will pick her up. She has to be appropriately dressed. A nice restaurant with a nice view would do the magic with soft rock or jazz on request. We get to talk most of the time just to get to know each other and hopefully we share same interest. Hopefully we find ourselves drowning in each others eyes like no one else exists in the world. After the meal we get to dance to one of our favorites songs (Adekunle Golds "SADE").I take her back home afterwards and plant the softest goodnight kiss on her forehead.

  I like dates where we can both be ourselves, a very relaxed atmosphere, great conversation, lots of laughter, a nice meal, and of course some wine :). For specifics, I enjoy the simple things like maybe a walk/picnic at the beach, going to see a movie or attending a show, playing table soccer at a bar, or dinner at my favorite restaurant no matter what activities he has planned. We enjoy each others company, chat and laugh as hard as we want, it would be one of those dates I walk through the door with a huge smile on my face.

   I'm a simple guy, who loves the less complicated/complex routines surrounding dates so, here is my take on a semi perfect date. Guy picks girl up(shouldn't be all serious and stuff) takes her to a restaurant for a quick meal(not too serious I guess), then proceed to the GET Arena for some laps of go karting (you have to be fun to go on a date with me) then mix it up if it's a Sunday or Saturday with a cool evening at a lovely private beach or you could go catch a late night movie which helps you
 get to talk and get to know each other more in a kinda relaxed scenario.

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  1. Awww. So cute.
    Personally I love John idea too, it's almost similar to mine.
    Nice one dear..