By berrysmotivation - April 07, 2016

First off, posts haven't been as regular, as there are lots to deal with right now but would create the perfect time to keep this space busy with exciting posts.

Today my day started beautifully well, I woke up to positive thoughts, I had an honest talk with a very good soul, as a matter of fact she's one of the best followers I have here. Basically we had a review of our thoughts and encouraged each other. So in general its been a beautiful day so far.

So we all have that day where we get all lonely and S*** and we suddenly remember all the things going wrong in our lives or seek pity from mindless souls. It definitely happens or would happen, regardless of the countless number of friends we have or the best job or how much money we have in our bank accounts. 

when ever I feel that way I just remember that I can enjoy my own company as much as I want to.
I do different things, from taking a walk to
                                  listening to music
                                  I get lost in my world with my thoughts
                                  Get a little tipsy (yes alcohol helps but just a little)
                                  Read books or listen to podcasts.

I do so many things but that's just a list of few things I do with self when I get the funny feeling of loneliness. 
Something what may help too, is focusing on the positives in your life, I mean dwelling on those negatives wouldn't change a thing just like I said in my 

In all of these, just make the best of you 
                        be your own cheerleader,
                        make yourself happy,
                        try new things/take risks.

Don't confuse time meant to be spent with self as a lonely time but consider it an opportunity to know you better.
              My thoughts. feel free to share yours..


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  1. Very true. I am an advocate of alone time.. I love that a lot. I feel as humans, we must not always be defined by others. Luv this