I no longer get disappointed

By berrysmotivation - September 19, 2016

Too many breaks, no posts and too many apologies. I have actually missed writing and I hope to get more time to write.
Basically I had a slow start this morning and thoughts came to mind.
I reflected on the months that have gone by. I looked at the happy endings and moments where I thought I got disappointed. At different times, everything seemed unfair, the world seemed to be ending, I needed a quick escape but now I look back and It was all for the best.
To keep me going, I talked to people, I read books, I stayed self motivated and most importantly I appreciated life more.
Let me give "general" examples.
Say for instance a relationship ended badly. There's no reason to be disappointed in the long run because you can be rest assured that its a big favour on your part, knowing greater things would come and when you finally end up in your forever after, all that would be history.
Talking about a personal experience. I made a trip recently, I got to the airport early, caught the first flight but for some reason we got delayed and I missed the connecting flight. Stuck at the airport, there was not much I could do. Everyone venting, upset, tired and hungry. I couldn't be bothered. Yes disappointed but there was always one reason to smile. Got compensated with a room in a lovely hotel, meals when I wanted. Smiled to check in at the airport the next morning only to be upgraded to business class and re routed to the destination of my choice. It was a happy ending anyway, although I lost 24 hours but I gained. Not everyone would accept this offer but what could I have done, maybe gotten on my broom if I was HARRY PORTER.
what seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise says OSCAR WIDE.

Think of when you had to wait for someone for hours and they didn't show up, You get disappointed but you ended up being more productive not going anywhere.
 I could go on with countless examples but as humans we must and would get disappointed at some point or at different times in our lives but this goes to say that regardless of what the situation may be, be ready to put things behind, look at the big picture, stop and smile.
Life is as beautiful as we know it, I have always said this and I'm so sure this must have come up at random times in previous posts.
Honestly speaking, its easier said but with a positive mindset comes a positive attitude towards negative situations. I try to dwell on the positives in every situation, rather than sulk over reasons why it should have been I look for reasons to smile about it.
Here are the sweetest 5 reasons why you shouldn't get disappointed.
  1. Life is too beautiful to ponder on disappointments
  2. Every thing happens for a reason
  3. There are too many options in life
  4. Its a waste of time
  5. Yes you are disappointed, so? You have to deal with it anyway.
Thought I'd share this. Zoom in to see what the page says. 
Hope you had fun reading....

       With love. 

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  1. i am with the page joor..... no time to give disappointment a space in my life

  2. Just seeing this after 2 years and I have hope that I will be okay... no matter how long it takes.. thanks for this hun..

    1. Awwwww im glad you love this. Sometimes some words make more meanings when you least expect them to.You will be fine, time heals, time will reveal all thats best for you..x