5 Risks worth taking.

By berrysmotivation - October 31, 2016

Risks are meant to be taken, hence the word risk. In my journey through life, I haven't been much of a risk taker, I rather play it safe. As a very perceptive person, risk taking was never considered especially growing up in an environment where everything from the course of study in the university to picking a life partner etc. Most of these big decisions had to be done on a safe platform. 

I met a friend a while ago, we got talking and he told me a personal story of how he practically turned his back on a regular job which was paying averagely OK, at least with that he could afford the basics. The big decision would obviously be considered unworthy if brought to the table to be discussed. On making the big decision, he had absolutely no one in support of his dream especially because he taught of going into a business that already existed. A business he thought would pay him 10 times more than he already earned. The only person who believed in his dream at the time was himself. He thought it was enough to keep it going. He started from nothing with no one. The big decision he made changed his life forever. Now truth be told, it wasn't magical, there were huddles and obstacles on the way. Times where he had to work for nothing. The path wasn't smooth but he obviously found light at the end of the tunnel which is the summary of his story.

Some times making decisions are difficult. We rather play it safe than take chances. We rather seek approval from like minds and the moment we do not get it, we back out. Fundamentally speaking, looking at the most successful people in the world today, they all took big risks, had it rough then things evened out. 

          Muhammad Ali, while on earth said " He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life"
 This statement makes so much sense in all ways. 

5 Risks I've thought that are worth taking are

1.  Changing Jobs.  If its not your dream job and doesn't give you enough monthly income, take the leap of faith, look for something better and be ready to make the big jump at any time. This article on Forbes can make you take that risk you've always been scared to take.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/julesschroeder/2016/10/24/7-ways-to-know-youre-on-the-right-career-path/#43f94d334df1

2.  Financial Investment. I'm not a life coach or a financial adviser but the little I know is that money saved in the bank would not multiply until put to use. Find a good way to invest your savings and remember its a risk anyway.

3. Love like you've never been hurt. I believe falling in love with anyone is a risk worth taking. We never know tomorrow. It could go both ways. 

4. Relocating. I have spoken to few friends who think its too big a risk to take most probably because of uncertainties. Thing is change is the only constant thing in life. If a current location isn't giving you most of what you want try something or somewhere else. Do not be scared to try a new environment. Remember to do one thing everyday that scares you says Eleanor Roosevelt

5. Living life. Living is such a big risk anyway, We all do not 
know what the next day would be like or what the next year or month has in store. Basically live and be rest assured that its a risk worth taking. There's no use waiting to get to a specific age to achieve certain dreams. Live each day and enjoy each passing moment.
In all of these, there's no hard and fast rule. I apply these tips in my life as well. We should be ready to do our researches, ask questions and find out ways to live better.
      I hope we enjoyed these few tips. Feel free to leave a comment and please subscribe for regular updates.

Forbes quote of the day. Growth and comfort never coexist.

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  1. Yea taking risk is never easy at all,I shd take risk in no 4 lol

    1. Yes dear. Risks are definitely worth taking. You should try it and share your success story with us soon...x

  2. yes o...my personal person is back.very good and informative write up....... And i am so taking all these risks esp no 4....nice

    1. Yes darling i'm definitely with you on that one cant wait..Thank you for your constant support here.