5 ways to avoid overeating.

By berrysmotivation - November 07, 2016

Today's post is actually a note to self. While I was doing my personal research to avoid overeating, I thought of many others out there who may also be searching for answers and I said to myself, "why not make it a post to help everyone too"

With awareness, and the help of  social media, lots of people are becoming more health conscious. The men too have joined the bandwagon of healthy eaters and weight watchers indulging in healthy diets and regular excising.

Weight gain isn't a days process. It builds with time and is based on the quality and quantity of food consumed daily.

Recent studies have shown that increase in the quantity of food isn't only attributed to major meals but also food consumed at times of cravings and binge eating.
Over eating isn't only having a large meal at one serving but also what goes in at times of cravings.
Here are 5 amazing ways to avoid overeating.

1. Healthy snacking.
 Most people confuse cravings for hunger. I've seen people snacking on rice and stew. You realise you had your last meal about 3 hours ago and now you are hungry. This I call cravings, at times like this its best to snack on fruit, healthy nuts, healthy drinks like freshly made yogurts etc.

2. Get busy.
 This comes with experience. I have realised that I eat more when I'm bored or having an absolutely lazy day. I confuse boredom for hunger and because the process of making the food and eating could kill at least 30-45 mins of boredom, I find my self eating at every other hour. When this happens. I constantly remind myself to get busy and avoid binge eating.

This may be difficult, the smell of food, let alone the amazing sight. Who can ignore or say no when there is already mouth watering. It is imperative to be disciplined when it comes to what goes into our body. Saying no to food sometimes isn't always perceived as impolite as some people accept food just for the sake of pleasing the person who offers or just for food sake. Love yourself enough to know when its time to stop eating or when to say NO to food.

4.Always include protein
When researchers at Purdue University asked 46 dieting women to eat either 30% or 18% of their calories from protein, the high-protein eaters felt more satisfied and less hungry. Its worth the try.

5.  Look in the mirror.
If you like what you see, its fine but if you feel you definitely need some changes based on your eating habit, then its OK to implement those changes. Love yourself enough to give your body the best. 
   Certain points haven't made it to the list but things like using a small sized plate, drinking lots of water before meals, avoiding unnecessary food shopping, calorie counting, hunger scaling can be on a sub-list just to put us in check. 

Its the start of a new week, I hope this helps us through the week.

Warm thoughts.

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