5 things you wish you knew about being a doctor.

By berrysmotivation - January 19, 2017

When the word doctor is mentioned, the thought of a geek with double lensed glasses, white coat, cut out of the world kind of human comes to mind. Doctors are very loving people, willing to give their time in all but there are certain things you wish you knew about doctors or being a doctor. On the job many still say if I was told this years ago, I probably wouldn't have ended up in med school. Right now it cant be taken away from you, you just have to either live as a doctor or live with it.
I remember when the decision to become a medical doctor came up. It wasn't forced but it was definitely influenced. Influenced by society and the lack of interesting courses to study in a Nigerian University at the time. So if you were in a science class and you liked mathematics, you just have to want to be an engineer or if you didn't like mathematics and biology was simply easy for you, you had no choice but want to be a doctor. Our friends in the art world had testimonies too of either wanting to be an accountant or a lawyer. That was simply the story of a 16/17 year old finishing high/secondary school at that time.
Going home to meet your parents, the ones that didn't force you would say its your choice but then give you a very happy/sad story of not getting a job if you do not read any of the said courses. The parents that obviously forced you, were either doctors, lawyers, accountants or engineers and would tell you how they made their way to read those courses and how they didn't give birth to a child that wouldn't be a professional. Notice how some already had their older siblings in a particular field and had no choice but to do same.
Well, in my case it was different. I wasn't forced but like I said I was influenced by society and my very shaky mind and 50% love for medicine. So I did all the necessary things to get into medical school.
In medical school, the first year was a very prestigious one, I was proud of myself and so were my colleagues, we were all happy to be in med school. Very enthusiastic with white coat but no stethoscope at the time because for obvious reasons we didn't need it. Maybe just for pictures, for us we dealt with bones and cadavers.
Well I remember in my last year of secondary school, I wanted to be a paediatrician, then in 3rd year of med school I wanted to be a gynaecologist. At one point I wanted to be a psychiatrist, may be I still want to I'm not sure but then later on It was all messed up in my head.

Fast Forward to 5 things you wish you knew about being a doctor.

1. It doesn't get easy with time. In countries were medicine is really practised, the higher you go the more difficult it becomes and maybe ease off a little at some point because you become a boss but not really a boss because you are still being monitored. As a resident/registrar, there are lots on your table, so much is expected of you. The nurses come to you not even bothered if you know it all or not and as a consultant you may be faced with a little of administrative work plus running a department.
Every step of the way you have to keep adding value to yourself, studying, audits, research and cpd courses. It really doesn't get easy. Consultants and senior registrars take calls too as much as every other junior doctor.

2. The pay isn't the best in the world. You get paid well enough, it is sustainable but if your aim is becoming a millionaire or billionaire as soon as possible, consider doing something alongside practising as a doctor or branching out if you have a passion for something very rewarding.

3. There are no call rooms in some countries. Countries where you actually work and practice medicine, call rooms may or may not exist if at all, for only senior doctors as it is non stop work all through the shift. Yes it may get quiet at some point but at this point you may be only able to rest or read for a bit as you may not get the luxury of sleeping on a bed and waiting to be bleeped by a nurse when the need arises to see a patient.

4. Being a doctor, automatically makes you bad patient. Doctors self prescribe for themselves, doctors hate needles (they prick but don't want to get pricked with needles) This is me here. I cant even imagine being "cannulated". The worst patient you want to see is a doctor on your ward, they will question every medication and tell you what and what they have already taken making your work somewhat difficult. The other day a consultant was brought into the A&E with lists of medications he had already taken. In all honesty, I avoided dealing with that case because it was like dealing with myself.

5. Doctors imagine the worst in every situation. When you have a headache you suspect a brain tumour, abdominal pain, you imagine a perforated ulcer or a ruptured appendix. Its all messed up in the heads of doctors. Sometimes I wish I knew less, I wish I didn't know anything because in certain situations its the deep thoughts of having a serious disease that worsens the situation not the actual thing going on.

This isn't to scare anyone and I hope it doesn't. Finally this didn't make it to the list but doctors also have a life, I mean this generation of doctors. Don't worry when you see them all dressed up, nails, hair did and all. Its just unwinding and easing off stress. Don't judge one when you see one, just know we are also humans and have blood in our veins as much as everyone.
 It was fun working on this post and I hope you have fun reading.
Please read, share and drop a comment. I would love to hear from you.

                                    Warm thoughts

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  1. Lol.. so accurate... but I felt a shade with the CallRoom ish....
    sometimes I think to myself... Will I still be a doctor if I could do it again... HELL YEA.. but I won't take a lot of things to seriously any more.. I ll def hang out more with peeps.. so get ready we are about to resume Girls nyt out��������

  2. first time on your health blog, you are doing something really good here!