How I started my beautiful 2017

By berrysmotivation - January 05, 2017

 Hey lovelies,

 Starting by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. This year would definitely be better.  2016 was AM-AZ-ING for so many reasons. I cant think of anything on my wish list that didn't come to pass.

Its been a really great year already. 2017 looks so beautiful from the start.
First time I couldn't spend the new year with family or in church.
So I got to work on new years day 01-01-17 which was really stressful in terms of the hours put in and just how many people called in sick on that very good day but it was truly worth it in the end even if I could barely get myself back home.

Where do I really start from? Is it the amazing couple in their 80's who turned up because the man was feeling unwell, feeling guilty for calling the ambulance on such a busy day. They had to because it's better safe than sorry. What struck me about this particular couple is how supportive the woman was. She knew every medication her husband was on. She knew he was feeling dizzy even if he denied feeling dizzy. She read him stories on the daily news paper just to put him at ease. Omg! who doesn't want a happy ending Living. Good thing was he was to be discharged as all investigations were unremarkable. Just before I left their cubicle they held my hand and told me a very loving story of their grand daughter and said really sweet words to me.This brought tears to my eyes. I went to the next cubicle, yes in the A&E we treat in cubicles .

In the next cubicle was this adventurous gentle man in his 90's. Walks with support and on this good day decided to walk without his "support" and down he went on a very hard surface. This wasn't the first time though as his son said "never leave my dad alone, he would definitely come up with an adventure" Gentle loving man who lives with his son aged 60+ (notice how this people have a long life span) thanks to STRESS-FREE-LIVING. This really got to me because his son looks after him and the son having a lifelong illness himself has his dad look after him too. That was exactly what he said to me. He is my carer and I am his carer too. How supportive.

To me this was a good way to start the year, having people inspire me every step of the way.
Moral of these all is that life is really beautiful, make the best of it and give the best, support each other most importantly be an inspiration to someone.

This our beautiful young generation, we better enjoy each passing moment and ensure we slide into our old age with grace and happiness.

Once again happy new year 
Warm thoughts,


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  1. Happy new year to you too dear.
    Wow... they really live for long o.. thanks to d stress free living as you put it... life is indeed beautiful

    1. Thank you, You are an amazing friend and inspire me to do more.

  2. Quite Inspiring doc... it's going to be a great, amazing, awesome year ahead

    1. Thank you sister and wishing you an amazing year and more..