4 things you don't want to do before 30

By berrysmotivation - February 23, 2017

So the big 30 is somewhere around the corner, for some its close or it just past and for others its no where near. There's that dire need to do certain things in rush just to fit in.
Society tells you to be married before 30, they tell you to get a job and start a home before 30. They tell you to have X amount of kids before 30. WHY 30 THOUGH? Recent health conditions don't even help the situation, lots of health issues even in the young as opposed to the older generation. Its a bit daunting to have these in mind and the thoughts don't go away till we either force them out with extra added efforts or we actually achieve the said quests.

Truth be told its very easy to be told to avoid these things but its easier said than done. There are dire consequences of doing things society tells you to do at a particular time as a matter of fact before 30,

1.YOU DO NOT WANT TO: Regret the things you should have done in your 20's: We tend to focus on growing up and achieving certain things before 30 that we forget to live our 20's. In your 30's you begin to live in the past trying to replay a life you should have lived earlier. Trust me you do not want to live regretting, live and enjoy every phase of life like its the best.

2.YOU DO NOT WANT TO: Be Confused about the career path to take.
Before 30, you should either be on the pathway in your career or about to start a career path. Not everyone at this age would have figured out what path to take but ongoing research says that at least 90% of all adults before 30 would have figured out what career path to take but not necessarily in the path.

3.YOU DO NOT WANT TO: Have the wrong set of friends. Your friends/circle would either make or break you. I believe in a strong, motivating, inspiring circle so much that I hate to see people surrounded by the wrong set of people. I am an advocate for friendship empowerment and I do not see a reason why a circle should be weak.

4.YOU DO NOT WANT TO: Live your life for anyone or society. Its very easy to live your life just to please people. Do what they want you to do. I read a book "the life changing magic of not giving a  f*** by SARAH KNIGHT with lots of bad language but lots to take in. At a certain age in your life you should be able to speak for yourself, live for yourself and stand for yourself. Its your life anyway and you not anyone else would account for it.

Don't forget to make the best of every passing moment. There's no need to be in a hurry to grow older make the best of every phase and do not make these mistakes before 30.

Thanks everyone for the amazing shares and comments so far. I must say its very inspiring to see people acknowledge and appreciate your work. I'm very grateful and I hope to do more and keep this page interesting.
If there are things you think didn't make the list of 4, add to the list in the comment box below.
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  1. very inspiring and a serious Eye Opener. hmmm.
    something to think about....