5 Ways of becoming a successful young doctor.

By berrysmotivation - February 06, 2017


We are still on our doctor series. To my non-medical readers please share in the fun of the series and get an insight into our world.

I've always written about keep kicking, in other words keep moving. Don't stop and even when you get to a certain peak it shouldn't still stop there. I think life becomes boring when there are no challenges involved. That being said, as a doctor, the trade leaves you when you leave the trade.
There are most days at work I nag about hating my job, I say to myself if I had a second chance medicine wouldn't have been an option. Sometimes I try to shift blames saying if we were possibly told the game wasn't as much we would have known better at an early stage and re-directed our passion but it is our trade now, it is already a part of us except for sure you have ventured into something else. If you still in the game/trade/career, here are 5 amazing ways to be a successful young doctor.

1. Constant upgrade. Don't stop learning, don't fail to seek advice from seniors. Look up refresher courses, attend courses, lectures. There's no one who is above learning. See what other doctors did to become great and get positive stories to help motivate you. Avoid conflicts with colleagues in the name of knowing better rather seek every opportunity to learn.

2. Make notes. As you progress in your career, especially when you start at the bottom of the food chain, I advise you always make notes of new and interesting cases and even cases which are familiar but interesting. Make notes, read them up, discuss them and follow up with the patient in terms of looking at the outcome even if they have left your care to another department or are home. It helps in your learning process and gives you good understanding of such cases. You obviously get familiar with such cases when faced with them later on

3. Find a speciality. They say a jack of all trade is a master of non. We certainly can't know it all.
Get good at something and make it your own. You get good at a trade when you focus on one thing rather than everything.

4.Create time for yourself. I believe a productive mind is that which is at peace. Take a break, breathe, relax and start again. This gives a renewed mind. It helps with energy to keep the ball rolling. A busy/tired mind is less productive and creates an avenue for mistakes. Sometimes its best to take your mind completely off medicine for a short time and just restart. In other words, plan a vacation, go on a holiday, have some lazy stay at home days. Its like starting a newly serviced car.

5. Passion outside medicine. This may sound  contradictory but I believe in having something you find interesting and fun but rewarding on the side. An added source of income sort of. It definitely shouldn't interfere with your career but somehow this kind of gives you inner peace. Our career we know isn't as rewarding as it sounds but something on the side more like a rewarding hobby. This kind of gives an opportunity to unwind and explore. I just feel one trade is a little too boring not saying do too many though.

N.B This tips definitely help me too. I hope we find this interesting and encouraging. Don't forget to share your thoughts and more. I love feedback. Please drop a comment and share friends.

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