Getting the best of valentines day

By berrysmotivation - February 13, 2017

In the spirit of Valentine. 

Its all beautiful when the year starts with new years celebration, to anticipating the month of love.
To be honest,  I have very little memories of previous valentines, I know most people say its overrated but every now and again its best to embrace days like this. It keeps the ball rolling, it rejuvinates the mind and it gives lasting memories.There are different categories of people on and before valentines.

Group 1 They have given up on valentines day and wait for the lovers tp celebrate
Group 2 Its just another day, so what?
Group 3 They have been single for so long and it means absolutely nothing
Group 4 They can't wait because Bae definitely delivers
Group 5 Wait and watch the day evolve. They are on social media non stop to see how the day evolves.

Not making fun of anyone but just making us realise that we don't necessarily have to wait to be loved to celebrate the day or month of love but you can show yourself that much love you expect or give as much as you want this way it creates a balance. If you are getting more than enough love theres not harm in spicing it up or doing somthing different this time. Researches found out that those who love genuinely  and are willing to give back love are 10 times happier than those who do not.

For Beloved: Do something different from last year.

 *A cozy night in, the kids can't obviously go to grandma as its a school week but try to get them to bed early, see what the wallet permits, home cooked meal or ordering from your favorite place, get all warmed up, put up a movie you both would enjoy and make the rest of the night history.
*Spa date: Not sure what you did last year but I feel this year has been a rollercoaster for some and its so perfect that the 14th falls on a week day, a relaxing evening in the spa would be amazing. Gets your body all set for the rest of the week.
*Surprise Bae. Say you not used to surprises or Bae isnt close to you, a surprise delivery would just be in order. Something totally unexpected no matter how little. This works too even if you both together.

This is all in bid to use every little opportunity to make each other happy as thats what matters how happy you both make each other feel.
For your friend: As much as valentines day is tagged a day for lovers, it shouldnt stop us from extending that spirit of love to a friend who may just be spending the day alone.

*Organise a movie date
*Sleep over. 
*Send cupcakes to a friend at work. 
I know guys reading this wouldn't agree to any of these options so I would say have drinks with your friends, game night.etc. Best time to discuss new buisness ideas and more.

Basically this can be used to reflect on your friendship goals, inspire eachother,  just share your thoughts and more and see where you both need each other. I definitely believe in friendship empowerment and this may just be the good time.
For self: Self love is very important.
In dire need to please the significant other, don't leave out yourself. Its just the perfect time to reward yourself for so much hard work you have put in since the start if the year or past years.
Give yourself a treat to all those things you wish to get. Give back to yourself and who says you haven't been working hard enough. Has anyone told you yet? Yes, you have done really well and are doing absolutely fantastic and now is a good time to tell yourself that.

Just saying happy valentines day to everyone, enjoy the rest of the month.
How do you plan to spend yours? Leave a comment, lets see what you will be up to tomorrow.


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