12 Items seen with most doctors

By berrysmotivation - June 22, 2017

This post is basically just sharing things you will definitely find with most doctors on-the-go. I feel like a walking shop sometimes. It feels heavy to have these items on me, sometimes I anticipate the end of the day before it even starts. Let's go on to the list of 12.

1. Note pad. Because we need to put down lots of information sometimes multitasking, so the note pad definitely comes in handy.

2 Stethoscope: Because we are identified by this magic tool and not forgetting to mention how important it is in examining most of the systems.

3. Tourniquet: Because we love blood and because the nurses are too busy to take samples and you have to do the bloods yourself.

4. Measuring tape: Because we are constantly measuring lengths. We just have to be accurate.

5. Pen torch: Because we always need to look into dark places and we need this tiny piece as an extra source of light.

6. Hand cream: Because we wash our hands every time we touch a patient or carry out a procedure. We have to always practise good hand hygiene and the cream prevents dry flaky hands.

7. Mobile Phone: Because we need to keep in touch with the world, sorry...most importantly because we need to always make sure our decisions are in tune with the new guidelines which are provided online, we also need to calculate every now and then. How can work go smoothly without our mobile phones?

8. Lip balm: Because we hate dry cracked lips.

9. Breath mints: Because we spend crazy hours working and talking we need to speak confidently with extra fresh breath.

10. Pen: Because we write every second.

11. Tape: Because it's just an essential binder.

12. Food: Because there isn't enough time to eat and we just need to nibble on something every now and then.

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Hope you had fun reading with a little insight into our world.


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