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By berrysmotivation - March 16, 2017

Doctors don't fall sick, that is definitely a myth. First thing everyone says at the mention of an illness is "oh you are a doctor, you know what to do" Oh yes we know what to do but we do not necessarily do them. 
As a doctor, you are the first point of contact with every ill patient that walks into your consulting room. Most times you are clueless of the situation and only until after treatment are you able to realise what risk you have been exposed to. Sometimes we are caught unawares by certain diseases that would definitely want to run its course. There are few things we must do to avoid certain bugs from getting to us. As you know you have to be perfectly fit and healthy to be able to look after your patients. Yes we swore to save lives but we have to save ours first in order to save others. Does that sound greedy? Perhaps no. Looking at the life of a doctor, there are simple things we must do and they are:

1. Practise good hand washing/sanitising techniques. As much much as the technique has to be good, the frequency is also very important. This I find very interesting because most times we get caught up in the chaos of the day and practically forget to do this bit.

2. Healthy eating. Just because we are at great risk of treating anyone sometimes with unknown backgrounds, we have to boost our immune system. This has to do with eating right, healthy and getting all the necessary requirements to fight those stubborn bugs from getting to us.

3. Exercising. This helps in all ways. Sometimes,we are so stressed that we get to binge eat. The only way to avoid those unnecessary calories from getting stuck with us is to burn them out. It also keeps the body young and energetic ready for work.

4. Good hygiene. Apart from hand washing, we also need to practise good and proper hygiene. Having to take regular baths, disinfects regular clothes or scrubs used often at works because as we know, sometimes blood spills or we get in contact with all sorts. Definitely this bit is essential in all ways.

5. Time off. We know our job isn't the most rewarding. Some people have to work extra shifts just to get that good cash flow and to clear out bills, but once in a while we need to rest and take little time off to rejuvenate.

Have fun reading.

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  1. Well Outlined........
    I am actually down with Malaria now.so its not a myth.Doctors too are humans... so we fall ill too.