How to get started with fitness

By berrysmotivation - March 19, 2017

  It's all fun and games till your jeans doesn't fit any more. I laughed hard the first time I heard that because it felt like the statement was meant for me. You know how the procrastination game works? I would start today, no I would start at the end of the month, the weather isn't nice enough. All these excuses just keeps coming while those calories keep counting. You move to the next size and your clothes don't fit perfectly well anymore. Great idea you go for loose tops as they just don't show the extras. It's still fun and games and at this point social media isn't even helping. People showing of abs and all and you only keep wishing. Well here's the solution. WORK OUT. Start now. I'm really not a fitness coach but I'm advocate for good looks and healthy living, these definitely come with a little bit of hard work. 
Are you finding it difficult to start? Try these few tips that's helping me now. 

Shop for fitness clothes: start with shopping for the workout pants, running shoes, t-shirts etc. Shopping is fun for most of us so while you happy shopping you also get to shop right. Having your workout tools smile at you everyday from the side of your wardrobe would remind you daily of the need to start.

Set a start date: This acts like a reminder. Put a sticky note by your mirror, work table, bedside etc just to remind you. That way you get to psychologically get ready before your start date and when the day comes you are more than ready.

Get a work out buddy: Find a friend or colleague who is also willing to get started with fitness or who already is to be your workout buddy. This keeps you motivated or at least you help each other stay motivated. One person gets to remind the other person and you get make up routines. Another way of doing this, say for instance you have no one around you who is willing, you can connect with one of your friends on line and create challenges for each other. 

Get started: After all said and done, the most important thing is starting. You have obviously picked a day to start, get right to it and keep it going. Create a schedule, a plan, a routine that works for you and try to stick to it. 

A healthy body is the best reward to self. Give yourself the best and see how amazing you feel while at it.

Warm thoughts 

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