Welcome to April: Life update.

By berrysmotivation - April 02, 2017

Happy new month to everyone. I am really excited because this month looks bright and beautiful already. First quarter of the year has been really productive in terms of adjusting and getting used to the system. Relocating isn’t an easy process especially when you are starting your life without family around in an entirely new environment.
Let’s go to work, life, love, family, friends and blogging.
Work: Work has been good. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate the stress involved but I am grateful to God for the growth process, the learning phase and the steps in the right direction. There are definitely days where I wonder if I really decided on the 
right career path especially in dealing with difficult colleagues or people who don’t just accept you for you. In all I just keep my head up and look forward to free days where I completely get work off my mind.
Life: Life has been good. Taking life lessons and learning every day. I appreciate the gift of life and hence I tend to make the best of it and definitely create a work: life balance.

Love: That’s a story I would share soon. What is life without love? I guess that really answers it all.

Family: The best support system anyone could ask for. They have helped become who I am today. All I have learnt and still learning is definitely from my 4 amazing older ones and my lovely parents. Family is all we really have.

Friends: You can tell I have very few friends here. There’s really no time at work to even have a social conversation, let alone make new friends. My friends’ i.e. old sweet friends have been really supportive. I wish we could reunite soon but at the moment I guess everyone is busy with life as this is that phase of life where everyone settles on a path.

Blogging: I must say we have really grown this year and still growing. From just under a 100 views to thousands and still counting. I wish I had more time to do more. In all it has been good so far, this platform for me is one I cherish, it has given me great opportunities and many more to come. We hope to get better every day.

In general. Since the relocation, all I have done is adjust, adjust and adjust. It hasn’t been easy but I would say worth it for me although not everyone would agree but well, we all start from somewhere. I am really happy to write to everyone reading this today and I hope to carry everyone along this month on a very delightful journey.
Leave a comment below if there is anything you want to see or want me to write about this month.
Happy new month again and wishing everyone a very bright and beautiful month.


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  1. Aww.. this is really good. I am happy things are going well.. and I am glad I am one of ur friends😁. Don't worry, we shall see sooner than you expect.