How to achieve your life goals

By berrysmotivation - May 26, 2017

 Can one achieve a goal when there isn't one? To achieve a goal, you must first set one. As a little girl in primary school, I was made to recite a saying which was is if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is the first step to achieving a goal.
Having a goal in place is one we must all do the moment we start to understand ourselves. The reason I love writing is the fact that I get the opportunity to speak to people and probably give them an opportunity to learn things early enough. Things I probably learnt the hard way. 
Basically there are a few things yet vital to do in order to achieve goals.

1. Set your goals. This goes to say you have to have set goals to be able to achieve them and something I hear  quite often is that your dreams/goals should scare you and if it doesn't it isn't big enough. Write down all you hope to achieve no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

2. Plan. You have set those goals. Next is a plan. There must be some sort of plan in place to guide you through to achieving those set goals. Without a plan it seems hopeless. 

3. Research. Every form of research would help and guide you towards achieving set goals. Information can be the difference betweeen a millionaire and a billionaire. Lack of information may make you miss a deadline for new job applications or even make you miss vital information that would help in your next exam. Ask questions, seek answers. Feed your thoughts and have a curious mind. 

4. Never give up. They say there must or should be light at the end of the tunnel. What if there isn't light? I believe there is no light at the end of every tunnel so I look for stones or sticks to make light. Never give up on your dreams. Plan "A" may not work keep trying till plan "Z" works. Never stop dreaming.

5. Create new goals. The reason life is an unending puzzle is because after solving one puzzle a new one automatically surfaces. Take for instance the growth process in life. You aim at learning to walk, then learning to run, learning to read, learning to dress yourself, passing exams, getting a job, starting a family etc. It goes on and on. When ever you have achieved a set goal. Create a new one and keep challenging yourself.

Ponder on these this weekend and start the new week with new dreams.


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