Welcome to MAY. How to make the most of a day off.

By berrysmotivation - May 02, 2017

It's almost mid-year. I guess all plans are still in place or falling in place. How productive has your year been? If not, are you steps in the right direction? 

It was MAY day yesterday, some call it bank holiday others say public holiday however it is a day to celebrate workers. As it was a day off work for most people I thought it would be best to do this article probably before but this is obviously coming after. This would help you tick all the boxes to see what you used this day off for and probably work towards having a better day off next time.
The date was chosen for International Workers' Day by the second international, A pan-national organisation of socialist and communist political parties, to commemorate the Hay market affair which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886.
There are several ways to make the best of a day off in other to have a productive week or few weeks of work.
I spoke to some of my colleagues at work the other day and asked them for things they do on days off and everything on our list below was common to most people.

1.  Sleep. Good sleep is paramount and important for a healthy mind. Those who deprive themselves from good and quality sleep end up having less productive days and are either grumpy or easily irritable at work. The importance of good sleep cannot be overemphasised and the best way to get one is to decide to have one. By deciding to have one you are able to make a conscious effort into having one.

2. Mind off work. This may seem impossible for those that work all round the clock, business owners, self-employed individuals e.t.c It seems crazy but talking from experience this helps so much so that when work finally starts and you get to re-focus on work, it all seems new and thoughts are easy processed from a sound and renewed mind.

3. Self-attention. This is also very important because as we know during work days, we may find ourselves paying less attention to those important needs. Several things like a new hair-do/hair cut, laundry, cleaning and tidying up etc also helps renew the mind and a space free of clutters keeps you sane for the next weeks of possible non-stop work.

4. Recreation. This certainly helps take your mind completely off work too. Drinks with friends, mini vacation, time away etc. Basically something to help with a little bit more relaxation.

5. Others: I have classified this as others to not make it sound so serious and depressing. So, there are certain things you couldn't have been able to do while your busy work schedule played out. This little time could be used maximally. Think of your CV does it need updating? have you taken time to apply to that job you have always dreamt off? what about update courses. These are other things that you could use your day off and make a very productive one out of it.
Don't forget work hard, play hard or play harder except you are not working hard enough. 
Have a lovely week everyone, feel free to share your idea in the comment box below of an ideal day off. 



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