6 Secrets of successful mums

By berrysmotivation - June 19, 2017

Being a mum is a difficult job on its own, from cooking, cleaning, looking after kids. It could be really daunting but in all of these being successful is attainable. It’s OK to dream success but to actually be successful isn’t really easy with all of the jobs listed previously.
For new mums or soon to be mums or future mums, scared to assume the role of mums; here are 6 secretes of  successful Mums

1. Successful Mums are healthy Mums. Health they say is wealth. That saying cannot be emphasised enough. It takes a healthy mind, a healthy being and a healthy body to dream, breed, and assume success.

2. Successful mums are planners. They plan home activities, finances, meal and the future.

3. Successful mums are prudent. They are industrious and look for best ways to invest rather than spend it all.

4. Successful Mums are respectful. They respect their partners and they respect their homes so much so that they know not to share everything that goes on in their homes with just anyone.

5. Successful mums share in the vision of their partners. They get involved, help and share great ideas with their partners. Your partners’ success is your success.

6. Successful mums are able to create a work life balance. They are able to create balance, at home, work and life in general.

We spoke to some career mums on their pathway to success and how they have been able to joggle it all.

Most of them shared same opinion as above. They didn’t say it was easy but
 they made me understand that if you put of all these in a box and practice  them, then you are on the pathway of becoming a successful mum.


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