7 Life lessons

By berrysmotivation - July 13, 2017

It's still July, the month I love so much, so it's safe to say this isn't a late post. I remember growing up as a little girl, I was always eager to be a year older and as a teenager I wanted the years to go slower and now even slower. No one ever guesses my age right for so many reasons. Maybe growing up as the last child never gives you the matured look that everyone feels one should have. I no longer scream or let people know my age because it always seems unreal. Deep down I'm happy because I feel the mind is young and age is nothing but a number.
I've gotten so comfortable with people thinking I'm still 25 or younger. Only my actions and ambitions speak my age because I still like to play and jump around like I'm 16 sometimes.

Basically, my journey so far in life has thought me lots and some of which are:

1. I have learnt to trust my struggle. This is inspired by Zain Asher of CNN. Not to be envious of anyone but focus on all I hope to achieve in love, career and everything else.

2. I have learnt to not be comfortable with today's success. Success should be in progress and not stagnant. As much as we need to be content, we also need to strive for the next step and the question "WHAT NEXT" is what keeps me going.

3. I have learnt not to compete with people. This is also inspired by Zain Asher of CNN on ted talk. Competition may not always lead you to the top. It's better to create the future you want. Competition may bring fears and insecurity that would hold you back.

4. I have learnt that planning is an essential tool for success.  Planning ahead gives room for plan B to work out when plan A fails. It's like a self made insurance.

5. I have learnt that happiness is a state of the mind. You can have it all and still be unhappy and you can have nothing but be very happy. It all depends on what you attach your happiness to. I have decided that happiness would be my default state of my mind.

6. I have learnt to bloom wherever I'm planted. Lots of people wait for a certain place, time and atmosphere to function at their best or what I like to call BLOOM. One just has to make the best of wherever they are.

7. I have learnt that no one can be an island. As much as we all want to be successful, what is success without having friends and loved ones to share with. No amount of wealth or success can be enjoyed alone.
Above all, I have learnt to be myself, not live for anyone and not wait for tomorrow to enjoy today. I have learnt and still learning to plan, be happy and be grateful.
I hope this inspires everyone who reads this.


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