Meet Bukola Ogunyemi: Doctor, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

By berrysmotivation - August 21, 2017

Who is Bukola Ogunyemi?
Bukola Ogunyemi is a child of God, a Christian, a Medical Doctor, a Fashion/lifestyle blogger, a fashion/photo model. I'm Nigerian and Yoruba by tribe.

Tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it
 My blog is called which is a fashion/life style blog. It's my space online where I share my fashion journey and experiences with all my readers 
People inspired me to start blogging. Back in University, I started winning fashionista of the year amongst Nigerian students from my third year and also won the most fashionable international student in my 5th year. I really enjoyed shopping back in school. Well, I still do and also find it very easy to put outfits and colours together. I used to get lots of messages on Instagram on where I get my outfits from and used to give some style tips via DM’s. As a matter of fact, one of my followers on Instagram and some of my friends brought up the idea and I started thinking about it. Something in me really wanted to start blogging too because I saw it as an avenue to reach out to so many people especially those who couldn't message me personally. My blog is also my baby and I'm really glad I took that step.

What is the greatest misconception about being a doctor and a fashion blogger?
 I'll say the greatest misconception about me being a doctor and fashion blogger is that I'm not serious. LOL! As we all know the medical field involves lives and it is expected to give in all your best and stay focused. So when people find out I'm also a fashion blogger, some don't take me seriously.

 How do you create a work life balance?
Creating a work life balance is just about time management. When it's time to work, I don't blog or even 
have fun as a matter of fact. I wake up 5:00am every day, start my activities for the day and don't even have time to blog. Most times after work I get really tired and I take out time to sleep which is very necessary. As soon as I wake up I see what's going on with my blog and begin to draft some posts and also try to read one or two things. When I get free days off work, I make sure I enjoy myself, rest, shoot, work on the blog and make future plans. I just make sure I do the right things at the right times so one doesn't suffer for the other.

 With blogging, who and what inspires you?
 I get inspired by fashion shows, some celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya. Fashion bloggers and magazines, I'm also inspired by colours. My mood inspires me too and I put up some blog content based on my mood at that point. Inspiration comes from paintings too, some really amazing and affordable brands. The truth is my inspiration comes from so many things.

What do you hope to achieve from your career as a doctor and a fashion blogger?
As a Doctor and fashion blogger, I hope to achieve success and be an advocate for women.
As a Doctor, I'll love to have an NGO which will make me fulfilled and help me reach out to the less privileged. Another achievement would be to always make my patients happy.
As a blogger, I hope to be a super duper blogger who would get invited to give talks on fashion, work with amazing/high end brands, travel round the world in the name of blogging and by God’s grace, have pieces designed by me in the nearest future.

 Does blogging distract you from medicine?
Blogging doesn't distract me from Medicine. They are both important to me so, I make sure I create time for both even when medicine doesn't
 give me time for the blog. I make sure I sort out blogging as soon as I have time.

What's a typical day like for you?
A typical day for me involves waking up at 5:00AM, preparing for work, getting to work and starting my activities for the day which gets me really tired at the end of the day eat
 if I have the opportunity to at work, I then go home and all I want to do after a very long day is sleep. I'm sure so many doctors can relate. I sleep for about two hours then wake up to do other things. That's basically my routine every day of the week except some weekends where I don't have to go to work

What advise do you have for anyone with a full time job trying to go into blogging.
 I would advise them to think about it really well and they must be passionate about blogging. It's not as easy as people think or see it. Time, energy, creativity, money and lots more go into blogging. When I mean money at some point, you have to invest in something maybe a good phone, camera, some materials and lots more and all these are important because growth is also expected in blogging. If it's really what they want, they should go for it and prayer is key. I always pray about my blog because I really take my blog seriously, it's my brand and only God can make you stand out.
I also advise they check out other people who have full time jobs and are bloggers.

5 random things people do not know about you
·         I'm an introvert and a very shy person
·         I'm a very emotional person
·         I hate snails, catfish, intestines and all that. I don't eat them!!
·         I can roll my tongue
·         I love surprises! I love gifts


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  1. Nice one dear. i enjoyed every part of this interview. it such an eye opener and i love how you are pursuing what you love without letting work hinder that..