Monday morning motivation: After the storm comes silence

By berrysmotivation - August 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to another beautiful Monday. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to someone with so much wisdom. He spoke incredibly well and I felt really inspired to do this post.

He spoke about the storm and then the silence afterwards. Often times in our lives we go through rough paths, what I would refer to as the storm in this post. There are times where you feel like giving up and life suddenly becomes meaningless. All those hopes and dreams seem to be lost. It may almost seem as if the storm would never end. If we are in silence, we may judge others who seem to be having their storm but not until you wear their shoes, you wouldn't know how it fits or feels.

The good thing about the storm is, it gives you so many opportunities, some of which are:

1. Rediscovering yourself.
2. Finding your strengths and figuring out your weaknesses.

A good way of looking at it this is reassurance. The storm must come to an end and most importantly, you have to take note of the lessons learnt.

The moment of silence is usually as sweet as imagined. Ever imagined a real storm, you may get lost in it or not even hear a sound but once it ends you hear the birds sing again, almost feels like you can hear the wind, the whistling sounds of the trees and the beauty of the silence.

Here is what this is all about.

No matter where you are now, the phase of life you are, the entanglement. Every thing may seem twisted, shattered or even broken. You have nothing to hold on to. Family, friends, relationship, career, finances may have failed you. Everything could be in the storm right now but use this moment to find your strength and wait for the silence. Live each day knowing that there is beauty in silence and silence would come. Your joy would come and happiness is just around the corner waiting to happen. Don't give up, life happens in phases.


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