Good-bye A&E

By berrysmotivation - September 15, 2017

I woke up, happy and energetic. Had my breakfast and my little cousin picked out what I was to wear. I had to dress up from waist above for what was going to be a Skype interview. Thank God for recent advances in technology and adjustments around the world. Who would have ever thought of a Skype interview many years back. My heart racing while I sat in front of my computer, my mind wondering with different possible questions I could be asked. To be honest I didn't prepare because I didn't even know what to read. Medicine is just to wide to figure out what you would be asked during an interview so I planned to rely on basic knowledge from foundation years and obviously common sense. Right on time I got the Skype call, got introduced to the panel and my smile alone got me the Job(jokes). Definitely not. I got questions from different specialities basically testing my judgement  and professionalism in different situations. What I would do and wouldn't and if I would actually be a safe doctor when I didn't know what to do.
That same day I had 2 other Skype interviews and I was confused but convinced I was going to accept the A&E offer if I was offered.

Fast forward to one week later, I got an email saying I had been offered the A&E job. Excited because the other job offers came through but all surgical and I knew I was not interested in surgical jobs. So there you have it, I picked A&E and reason being it was my first actual Job in a country where they actually have a system and even though I didn't know what to expect, I was happy because I get to have a wide range of experience across different specialities as opposed to being stuck in one.

On starting with A&E I was thrown into what I would refer to as the deep blue sea. First few weeks I cried because I was completely clueless on most times. One time It was in front of my consultant. I just couldn't hold back the tears no matter how hard I tried but as time would have it I became a master of my trade and things got better but certainly not everything. From start to finish of your shift, you are basically on your feet except for the few minutes break you get to have. Take time  to read the post  I shared the A&E experience few months back. While at it I made a decision to get out. It was certainly not for me at least for long-term and so I did what needed to be done and picked family medicine as a speciality and thank God it is rotational during the years of training so I am not stuck in one place for long as I easily get bored with routine.

A&E gave me a good foundation and I don't regret any bit of it but some times we have to say good bye . The fun part was not having to wake up thinking of what to wear because it was all about the scrubs life. So it saved me money and the stress of shopping because I didnt need so many clothes at the time compared to now. Another very interesting bit is not being emotionally attached to your patients as we know most patients get to stay in hospital for ages and as an A&E doctor you just have to stabilise them either discharge or refer to a speciality if they need to be in hospital. So there isn't room to get really attached to them. The part everyone would love about A&E is being able to finish right at the end of your shift as opposed to ward jobs where you spend extra hours after the end of your shift because you need to finish up otherwise you have same job waiting for you the next day. It definitely has its good and bad sides but for me its good bye although not a final good bye as I still have it as one of up coming rotations.

What is your current speciality?  Leave a comment below lets know what you are currently specialising in or what speciality you found or find really interesting. Share your thoughts and lets know what you love most about it.


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  1. my favorite specialty is obstetrics and gynecology even before i started medical school,being in medical school and going through the rotation itself has been exciting and full of emotions. It is such an equal blend of surgery and medicine.Cant wait to get into specialty training and enjoy more of it! Great post as always:)

    1. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are passionate about obstetrics and gynaecology, its a good thing because you already know what you want. I wish you all the best as you prepare to go into training. Thanks for stopping by...x