Music and Medicine with Emeka Nwune

By berrysmotivation - September 04, 2017

1) Let’s get to know you.
My name is Emeka Nwune, I'm Libra. I was born on October 17 in the early 90's in Lagos, Nigeria. Had my primary and secondary school education and lived in Lagos until I moved to Ukraine in December 2009 to study medicine. I spent my first year doing a premedical course and went on to complete medical school after completing 6 years, finally graduated in June 2016. I moved back to Nigeria in August 2016, received my licence to practise medicine in Nigeria in May 2017 after going through a screening examination in LUTH in April 2017 and the rest is history. I was making music on the side while I was in medical school.

2) When and why did you start music?
I started making music in 2012. I've always been an art and music lover from childhood but I was a bit shy I must say. I've always been an extrovert, so as time went on, I gained more confidence to express myself more. I started off managing artistes in Ukraine in 2010. With time, I had a team and we created platforms for artistes in Ukraine to be heard by doing series of events, awards shows, parties, etc where people gathered together to showcase various talents. As time went on, I realised I knew a lot about music and branding as a whole. I then applied the experiences which I had acquired over the years to my brand. I started making my own songs.

3) Medicine or music which comes first?
Medicine. It doesn't change the fact that music is everywhere though.

4) Tell us what about your songs, what kind of songs you sing and who do you look up to in the music industry.
I started of rapping only. As time passed, I nurtured my singing skills as well. The idea of my music is to give good vibes, give the listeners that creative imagination, also to inspire/motivate whoever is listening and going through similar experiences.
Michael Jackson is my ultimate music idol(rip). I look up to Beyonce,  Rihanna, Jayz, Diddy, Runtown, Kanye, 2face Idibia, Donjazzy, Banky W and many more musical icons to mention a few.

5) How did you cope with medical school and music?
To be honest, it wasn't easy at all but God made it possible. I remember a time I came back from a performance in another city far away from my school, the train arrival time delayed a bit and I had a test that morning. I rushed from the train station to my classroom with my travelling box and still took the test and did very well because I was studying on the train. I was focused, hardworking and determined in all I was doing. Resilience and Proper time management were major factors for me.

6) Does music distract you from medicine?
Not really, it actually relieves me from the day-to-day stress I have to go through. Music is like soul medicine, it heals the soul. Certainly, anytime I’m compelled to make a decision between a Music task and a medical one, the medical aspect always has the upper hand.

7) What do you hope to achieve as a doctor and an artiste?
As a doctor, I aspire to live in a society in which the health care system can compete with the standards of more advanced countries. I hope to be one of the key players in achieving this dream by using my skills, wisdom and experiences, when and where required. I also hope to do a lot of charity work and give back, hereby reducing the rate of poverty in Africa.

As an artiste, I see myself building a music empire and creating various avenues for emerging African creatives (not just musicians) to be shown to the world. 

8) What are the major challenges you face as a doctor and an artiste? 
As a doctor in Nigeria: we face challenges in getting access to constant electricity, good water supply and shortage in medical equipment and items. Also language barriers due to diversity. Poverty as well, as some of the patients might not be able to afford to pay for the course of treatment or buy certain medications as required. Sometimes, patients come to the hospital in late or terminal stage of illness, leaving the doctors with little or no choice.

As an artist: I face challenges in shortage of funds. I face challenges in accessing good beats because the good producers charge a lot. And promotion is a major issue as it is all money oriented.

9) 5 random things about you. 
-I don't have a sister
-I play basketball
-I received an award for best artiste in my city during my graduation in 2016 in Ukraine
-I was one of the best chess players in my secondary school and won a lot of trophies, medals and certificates while representing my school in chess tournaments
-Few things I hate: proud people, dishonest people and body/mouth odour.

10) What advice do you have for young doctors/professionals who also want to take singing to the next level?

Be prayerful and you have to be patient. 
You have to be ready to go the extra mile, hence you have to read more and sacrifice a whole lot.
Love yourself, very important. 
It's great to have role models but don't you forget "originality is key". 
You have to know how to manage your time effectively, this comes with experience.
Stay true to yourself and you have to be hardworking because nothing good comes easy. 
Exercise positive vibes only.
Lastly, surround yourself with the right people, vibe is infectious.

Instagram/Twitter: @emeka_nwune

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