By berrysmotivation - September 12, 2017

On the 20th of August 1999, Tony Martins a popular farmer shot dead a teenage boy in his house. This incident lead to his arrest the following year. Tony was just a young bachelor who lived by himself in a farmhouse he inherited from his uncle. He said he had been burgled several times and didn't want a reoccurrence, hence on this occasion he stood prepared and waited for the burglars according to police report.
He caught them right on time. Shot both of them, one died and the other sustained injuries. While facing trial, Tony explained that he had to be prepared on this occasion as he had been burgled several times and the police did nothing about it. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but  a year later he appealed with evidence of being diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder. Explaining his paranoia at the time which made him stay prepared for the burglars.

          Are you ready?

Often times in life we are caught unaware by certain circumstances, financial
loop holes, failed relationships, betrayals etc. But how prepared are we to face these when they occur?

Although Tony was in prison for 3 years as he was no longer charged with murder but manslaughter, he expressed his satisfaction after being released for being prepared and shooting down the burglars. Many including the court disagreed with Tony in this situation because he waited for them to come in. They say he would have handled the situation differently. 

Not saying he was right or wrong for his actions but how prepared are you?
In life we just have to be mentally, physically ready for rainy days, plan ahead, always have a plan B,C,D or E. We may not always get it right, The fact is we can't really be ready for everything but in being ready we stand a 90% chance of being able to tackle issues when they arise.


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