Choosing a medical specialty Part 2

By berrysmotivation - October 02, 2017

As promised I would give an overview of different specialties to guide you to picking the right one. I have particularly loved working on this post because I have had an experience with most of these specialties and even those I haven't, I had the opportunity to speak to friends for up to date information.

Internal medicine: This has to be top on the list. This would be for very ambitious individuals with good tenacity. You are of high value and maintenance as no hospital can do without a medical registrar or consultant. As a matter of fact, when there is no medical registrar on a particular shift, the hospital can go into chaos. Not only are you needed in your department, most other departments rely on you for advise and help including external departments in smaller hospitals. The length of training varies from country to country. You should be looking at 7-8 years or more in Europe but certainly less in the U.S. You have to be up to date with courses and knowledge. I would be doing a post for relevant courses to take to help your career.

Paediatrics: This is similar to medicine in terms of the length of training and hours put in to work. If you are a dedicated person and apart from your love for kids you love to be in the forefront then this is for you. In this situation you have to be very patient and tolerant as in most cases you deal with very anxious and worried parents more than the kids who are the actual patients. You can imagine what it feels like to deal with a very anxious mum.

Obstetrics and gynaecology: This bit is quite easy and narrow that's why most people love it. I actually love this one but not a fan of the surgery bit. However, this is for those who love the female anatomy and its simplicity(irony). Well this specialty is quite straight forward. The only downside is having to deal with emergency deliveries at odd hours or having people give birth in awkward places like the car park or toilet. Length of training could be from 6-8 years. This also depends on the country

Emergency medicine: Short term training rangin
g from 3-5 years in different countries and quite easy but tasking as the work starts.This is for anyone who hates to work at a slow pace. Time is of essence in this case and you just cant be slow to work in the E.D. If you are one that likes to see immediate results then E.D is certainly for you and with this you don't really get emotionally attached to your patients as you only get to see them for few minutes/hours. This also gives you random free days off during the week rather than waiting for the weekend to get your day off but remember work is work and there is no time for leisure during work hours.

Dermatology: Still want to be fashionable in medicine, for the ladies, still be able to wear heels and have your nails done, dermatology would definitely be a good option in this case but I would say it is rather competitive to get in as there aren't so many in the world and it isn't a specialty in high demand so getting in may be a little difficulty. Length of training ranges from 5-6 years in different countries.

Radiology: If you are not a people person and would rather work in a quiet space, this would be a good choice as radiologists often work in quiet and dark rooms because they spend most times interpreting results and recording for secretaries. It is quite an interesting specialty, very important, well paid and length of training is just about 5years or less in some countries.

Surgery: This is for highly ambitious individuals who are good with their hands. In this particular specialty I think you have to be very meticulous to avoid mistakes. The length of training is about 6-8 years and even more depending on which country you decide to settle. You spend most of your time standing so you should have the stamina and strength for this.

Trauma and orthopaedics: This is very similar to surgery and also involves quite a number of years to get to consultant level. In terms of money this specialty is very lucrative if you decide to go private in future. It is also in high demand now especially with the elderly because of joint replacement surgeries etc. A little bit of flexibility with this specialty as you can go into sports medicine in future and work with athletes.

Family medicine/general practice: Think flexibility, think family medicine. Apart from the short term training you also get an all round experience in different specialties and if at any point you want to leave it is easy to get into another specialty or totally leave clinical medicine if you get bored. With family medicine you are stuck with same patients for years. If you easily get bored this may not be for you. The good thing about this specialty is that it is in high demand, very easy to get into training but very demanding.

Psychiatry: Think leisure think psychiatry. This gives you enough time to work as you aren't pressed for time. You have more than enough time to think, plan and make a decision. You tend to work at a slow pace and not much clinical bit is done in this case, you don't have to deal with much clinical bits like cannulation, venepuncture because your patients may be mentally unstable but most times medically fit and if they require any urgent medical attention that can not be done within the psychiatry hospital then they would get sent to the A&E.

Anaesthesiology: I call these ones the bosses. We all know the first thing to do with very ill patients is to follow the ABCDE rule and without A(airway) nothing else matters, so anaesthetists run the show. Hardly seen but very important. You just can't do without one. Length of training varies but not very long, with this you have to be a very careful person and be willing to make big decisions.

Hope this helps and have fun choosing. I love feedback please air your thoughts in the comment box below. A free journal would be given to one lucky reader who leaves a comment. So start commenting to win a free journal.  A Winner would be picked at random. Don't forget to follow us on instagram and like our facebook page to get instant updates on the blog.

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