Dealing with depression.

By berrysmotivation - October 25, 2017

I'm mad she said. It came as a random statement, no one cared to listen, those who heard thought is was a joke. Apart from other silly jokes she had made in life, this time at the age of 28 she meant it. Coming from an afro-Caribbean background, all she knew and had been thought in her entire life was to be strong, don't take risks, play safe, hold back embarrassing moment, take all in, and be brave. She felt dis empowered as she couldn't do anything about how she felt. She dare not break down at least not in front of those she called family or friends because it would be shoved off and regarded as silly. The same old safe speech would then be recited as always.

Time passed and she had to take it all in. Deal with negative thoughts and emotions all by herself. It got to a point where tears were no longer consolable. She recognised her problem soon enough as she was reading the recent papers, she made a decision to get help and luckily it was October and the mental health day was fast approaching, lots of media outlets now making more people aware that mental health problems exists but often ignored especially in certain parts of the world, Africa being one of those places were mental health is greatly ignored and dealt with minimally.

The world now pays so much attention to physical health therefore ignoring mental health. Someone dies everyday due to severe depression. As much as physical health is important, mental health is also as important. It may not exist in your world but until the day you face a mental health issue or speak to someone who severely suffers from one, you wouldn't understand.

Mental health problems kills rapidly and even worsens physical health problems.
Depression is the most common mental health problem and can be recognised easily.
With either of theses symptoms listed below you should be able to recognise a problem when it arises.

  • Feeling the need to be isolated,
  • If you find it difficult to sleep(insomnia) with increasing loss of appetite,
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Experiencing pessimism and hopelessness 
  • Having reduced sex drive
  • feeling irritable and restless
  • Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts

Recognise these as possible signs that you may be depressed. Also take note of how long the symptoms have lasted for, possible family history of depression, excessive alcohol intake or drug abuse. All these can be warning signs. Speak  out as soon as you can. Preferably to someone neutral, someone who wouldn't be judgemental. Let it all out. Often times life circumstances and what you may be going through at the moment may be the leading cause of your symptoms and once you recognise the problem, if dealt early with can be the only solution to the problem. Most importantly take care of your physical health and your mental health.

Here are few ways to take care of your mental health.

Positive thoughts and emotions: Try to make this part of you everyday. Say positive things to yourself regularly.
Good friends: One good friend is better than loads of untrustworthy, unreliable friends, get yourself surrounded by the right people.
Don't let external factors(e.g. social media) define your emotions
Do what you love not what others love. Please your self, the end goal is a fulfilled life. Be selfish sometimes(This post would teach you why being selfish could be healthy at times)
Weigh your fundamentals vs. your wants: Do not confuse or mix both. Your fundamentals are necessary things that has to exist in your life and your wants are things you can do without.  Recognising both would help you in deal with life situations better
Treat your self: Indulge in mini vacations, self pampering etc.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


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