Monday Morning Motivation ~ She was selfish.

By berrysmotivation - October 16, 2017

Few days ago on the U.K X-factor(a famous singing competition), a 5 member girl group was sent off the competition. Ash who was a member of that group had her hopes shattered when her group got rejected. Few moments after they had been sent off the competition, she was called back to stage to join another group. Without even asking, the judges told her to sing again with a totally different group. After the performance she was asked if she wanted to join the group she just performed with. Confused or excited, she had mixed feelings. One of the girls said to her BE SELFISH, think about yourself and the opportunity ahead. At that moment, she had to choose between friends in her own group or focus on her dreams by joining another group.

The truth is most times in life, we put people before us, we ignore our dreams for friends, family and maybe spouses but what would you do if you had to choose? Be selfish or be nice and ignore your dreams.
With life as we know it, should we always put ourselves or put others first. Some people may beg to differ in certain circumstances while others would sit on the fence. What really happens is couple of years later, we find out that we are living in the path of others, we start to regret or blame those we put before us. Some people have had to put their lives on hold for others. The question is would they do same for you?

To avoid living in regret or blaming people, we have to be a little bit more selfish in our actions. Remember it is you and no one else living your life. However, try not to confuse being selfish for making sacrifices. With making sacrifices you are making a conscious effort but still remembering your dreams and goals.
So, do you know what decision Ash made? She took the selfish option and became a member of a new girl  group. A group she knew nothing about. She made a quick decision that could change her life forever. She put herself, her dreams and career first.

Be selfish sometimes, take risks, take chances and sometimes put you first. Don't live the rest of your life wishing and wanting. Those who love you would join you on your path rather than pull you away.
Have a lovely week everyone.


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