This week in refelction~ Make it count.

By berrysmotivation - October 06, 2017

Friday, the most anticipated day of the week the perfect time to share a reflection. What stage in life would you say you are at this moment? Are you taking risks or losing chances, Living a fulfilled or unfulfilled life, acting or still wishing. I recently shared this picture on berrysmotivation instagram page and apart from the beauty this brings to my living room, it helps me reflect everyday. It puts a start to my day and I know there are certain things I should be doing or should have done that I have  still not done. Its part of what I reflected on this week and I am also reflecting on my actions in life generally. As many already know, I am currently on psychiatry rotation and most of the time I get to deal with patients who have Dementia. According to the Oxford dictionary, Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of mental processes caused by brain disease or injury marked by memory disorder, personality changes and impaired reasoning. 
 When I see my patients everyday, so many questions run through my head. I get confused as to how the human brain works and functions. Some of the patients are in their 90's, they experienced the world war, highly functional individuals at that time but age and health have suddenly caught up with them. They now live in the past and can barely function as adults. I see most of them hold pictures of their loved ones while others barely recognise family or friends. It may seem really sad but I still find my self laughing with them sometimes. We have moments were we hold conversations even though meaningless, it could still make them happy.

All it teaches me, is to appreciate life at every phase or stage. It makes me challenge myself a bit more everyday so I can tell myself at some point in life that I am living a fulfilled life and I have taken all the risks worth taking. Seeing those beautiful souls on the ward everyday makes me want to act right everyday, do good and be very grateful to still be fully functional. The part that may sound scary are the young ones under 60 who have unfortunately been diagnosed with dementia. Recent studies have come up with high figures of early onset dementia. Meaning young adults too can have dementia. There was a recent case of a 35 years old who has been the youngest diagnosed so far. This practically has no cure although drugs have been put in place to slow progression of this illness.

In all of these, no matter your age, status or gender

1. Make the best of each day.
2. Be good to yourself and others.
3. Be grateful for the gift of life.
4. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.
5.Finally, take RISKS or lose the chances.

What did you reflect on this week? or what are you reflecting on? Share your thoughts.


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