5 reasons why I love being a doctor

By berrysmotivation - November 16, 2017

I remember when I made the big decision many years back to become a doctor. At that time it is was the safest option and something I was very comfortable with as biology seemed really easy for me.
Fast forward to first few years in medical school, the prestige of wearing a white coat to class made my love for medicine grow more. The respect and opportunities I got just being tagged a medical student and soon to be doctor even made me fall in love more but the reality struck after graduation. The reality doesn't make me hate or love medicine more but when I started to understand the profession, when I understood that people trusted me with their lives, the joy and appreciation I see in their eyes when they get better, my love for medicine grew deeper. So at this point there is a balance between the love/hate relationship I have for my career as a doctor but the question I still can not answer is if I had the opportunity to do this again would I?

Anyway here are 5 reasons why I  still love being a doctor.

Patient satisfaction: I do not always give credit to myself but one good feedback I get all the time is your patients love you and you are very likeable. This even makes me want to do more. I love the interaction I get to have with my patients especially the older ones, you cannot be upset around Dr Mute. I will find the best way around you. Even with the cultural difference I still find a way to connect with them and put that warm smile on their faces.

Financial sustainability: This may sound very old fashioned but the fact that you get paid an amount that will give you a relatively good life is re-assuring. It may not be the best compared to business men and women or entrepreneurs but it is safe. Lets just leave it that way.

Opportunities and respect: The fact that you just bear DR gives you that due respect at any time and you are trusted even if you do not trust yourself. I think this is because there is an underlying belief that if people can trust you with their lives what more could you be trusted with. You automatically get favours. I remember when I wanted to rent an apartment, It was me vs so many others that could have paid slightly more than what I was negotiating for but the landlord simply said he was more comfortable with me because as a doctor he wouldn't be bothered about his money at the end of the month.

Health awareness: This doesn't play right all the time because of the paranoid effect of knowing too much. Knowing the human anatomy and how the body functions, helps me understand my body and figure out ways to treat myself right. Knowing when to go for regular checks, knowing the right food to eat, avoiding unhealthy lifestyle e.t.c

Active mind/brain: Dealing with human lives daily and having to solve critical tasks, knowing what to do and when to do things, keeps the brain/mind active. An active mind is a healthy mind.
It just keeps you active and busy. Sometimes you have to take exams which means you have to read and prepare for it. Its just healthy to keep busy if not I may just get swamped with movies and tv shows which are my favourite things to do.

So its 5 plus one extra reason which is the most important. I love being a doctor because I can help people, make lives better and save lives.

In general, I find pure joy in being a doctor and I wouldn't trade this for anything but I also have 5 reasons why I hate being a doctor. That's coming next on the blog. Watch this space?

 Do you love you job or career at the moment? Drop a comment below. Tell me what your are currently doing and reason why you love what you do.


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