The other side of doctors the world doesnt see.

By berrysmotivation - November 27, 2017

Its amazing how many people got to read the last post 5 reasons why I love being a doctor. I enjoyed doing it. This post was meant to be 5 reasons why I hate being a doctor but whilst I was in the shower the other night, I thought of the best angle to take with this post and give it a good twist. Essentially, to eliminate the word hate as I feel it is a rather profound word to use.

The world believes so much in doctors, even non clinical staff members in managerial positions put high expectations on doctors and fail to realise that we are also humans and live a life like anyone else. Doctors aren't magicians, when in doubt don't be scared to ask questions because we aren't above mistakes. There are some aspects people don't see and here are few of them.

Flexibility: There isn't that much flexibility in things to do apart from creating a passion out of something else. Its all narrow to saving lives and dealing with the human body. People are gifted in so many ways and in different areas but technically speaking most of all you learn for the most part of your life is related to the human body.

Average: Relying on a doctors salary, you live an average life unless you decide to do something creative with it or branch out into something else or perhaps combine your career with anything else. This may seen discouraging for aspiring doctors but thankfully the world is evolving and there are lots of "DOCTORPRENEURS" One can go private or own a practice or even have a different business on the side.

Time: The time put in to work is rather daunting. Sometimes we have to work odd hours at random times. It is difficult to have a pattern, unless when you become a consultant and you are a little flexible with your time. Lets say you even make loads of money, you spend more time working and you have less time to spend your earnings.

Pressure: There is so much pressure from work, the medical council and even family to work and live up to expectations. Its difficult to be slightly laid back because you have to work at a certain standard or put yourself in a certain sphere that depicts the life a doctor should live.

Antisocial: Due to the time, pressure and lack of flexibility, its difficult  to maintain a circle of friends outside our profession or make new friends outside our social circle. It may depend on the individual but it isn't very easy.

So there you have it, there are certain things people do not know or see but above all I think we are all thankful for the opportunity we have to save lives.

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  1. The last point is so accurate,even maintaining a conversation outside medicine can be a bit difficult.Thanks for the eye opening post!

    1. Amazing. Glad you can relate. Don’t forget to share this post on any social media platform you use quite often.
      Thanks for always stopping by.