Friends in Medicine ~ Ayotunde Ayobello

By berrysmotivation - December 11, 2017

I met Ayotunde whilst I was in medical school in Ukraine, we talked a number of times and in every conversation we had, he shared his study plan with me or told me about a study schedule he was working on. When he told me he got into residency in the U.S I wasnt surprised because I have always known him to be smart, focused and intelligent. So with the Idea of friends in medicine, he was one of the first few people I reached out to and with no hesitation he was happy to be a part of this.

He says.
The mind is the battlefield where all battles are won or lost"
My name is Ayotunde Ayobello and I'm a resident in Psychiatry.
A typical day for me starts at 5AM. I get out of bed, say a prayer and hurriedly scribble in my bedside journal. 3 pages. Every morning. I write down everything that comes to mind like my dreams before they fade away, my goals, my fears. I believe a calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence and this daily ritual helps me reel in my thoughts before the day begins.
I brew a cup of coffee and then prepare to head out to Virginia Tech's Carilion Clinic where I'm completing my residency in Psychiatry. My day is often filled with interestingly complex cases ; A 32 y.o Navy Seal with Bipolar Disorder. A chronic Schizophrenic recently admitted for the 8th time in 2 years. A young mother battling with a drug addiction that is slowly but surely breaking up her family. Every case in Psychiatry usually requires a different approach and a different intervention. One thing that however remains true is the vital role the mind plays in all of them. I chose the field of Psychiatry for this specific reason.

Some days in Psychiatry are definitely more emotionally draining than others. It is important for Psychiatrist (and trainees alike) to take care of their minds as much as they take care of their patients.
One way I am able to accomplish this is through my interest in Art. Other than being a doctor, I am also a self-taught award winning artist. I often make oil paintings mostly inspired by my life experiences and my medical journey thus far. Psychiatry is a medical specialty that has historically been linked with art. A lot of artists in history, from Edvard Munch to Van Gogh to Beethoven, suffered from debilitating mental illness that affected their artistry in some way or another. Being an artist allows me to express my ideas in a novel way while paying homage to my artistic heroes of times past.
Psychiatry is a curiously exciting field with incredible potential. A certain personality and temperament is required to be able to traverse the minefield that is the mind. The reward are however, very worth it.

Ayotunde is also very passionate about art and spends his free time creating beautiful peices like this. I feel like our generation has lots to offer. This is what I call medicine and art. Gifted hands right?

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