Friends in medicine ~ Chimuanya Okoli

By berrysmotivation - December 11, 2017

 It is the end of the year and I am happy to celebrate few of my friends in medicine. Few friends who have successfully found a path in medicine and are making the most of it. This is what I call friendship empowerment and I am pretty sure the future will be a very happy place with all these successes.

I got in touch with few friends and they are happy to share few words, to inspire, encourage and motivate anyone reading this and most importantly young medical students in my coaching platform who will be graduating soon.

First up, meet Chimuanya Okoli, when I met this young beautiful doctor during housemanship in Nigeria, I met someone who was focused, purpose driven and very smart. Seeing how far she has made it in her career really inspires me. So when friends in medicine popped up, I knew my list wouldn't be complete without her on it. 

She says
My name is chimuanya Okoli. I am a physician from Nigeria and I just bagged an MPH  (Masters in public health) couple of months ago. Currently, I am involved in clinical research with the university of Texas. I opted for a masters in public health in the United States because I wanted to be vast in research, in addition to my desire to become a paediatrician. Hence, my research is focused on children, neonates to be precise! And hopefully I hope to marry this experience with my fellowship in Neonatology further down the line. Previously, it seemed like we had to decide between clinical medicine and public health, but I think you can ‘indulge’ fully in the these two areas of health. I’ve gotten this far, this quickly because of persistence, foresight and hard work.

 My advise for anyone who loves both clinical medicine and public health is to personally experience both sides of the coin, make an informed decision and doggedly go after what you want.

I hope this inspires everyone reading. Being a doctor, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want all you need is persistence, foresight and hard work as Chimuanya says.

Look out tomorrow for the next friend I will be featuring on the "friends in medicine series"
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Warm thoughts.

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  1. this is lovely..thks for the inspirational thoughts.. i am a second year medical student too.. thks mute..i do find your posts worth reading.. my heart blesses you..

    1. Im glad you find this inspiring. This is the aim to inspire young medical students like you. Wishing you all the best in med school.