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By berrysmotivation - December 13, 2017

I met Rawen Kader whilst I was working in the A&E in Cambridge. I saw him every time at work because I had to refer patients to the medical team, and he was always the first to see the patient. New in the job, I missed out some information on the referrals so, he would always critic my referrals. I never took it personal as a matter of fact it was all jokes, the constant disses would never stop because of the never ending feud with A&E doctors and doctors in other specialties. Above all, Rawen is a very smart, intelligent young doctor. He has lots to share on his experience in medicine so far.

He says

My name is Rawen Kader and I am a trainee physician in Cambridge. I am taking a partime masters in medical education and also a member of the trainee committee of my deanery. Early in my training as a junior doctor I was drawn to internal medicine. It challenges you to maintain a good knowledge across a breadth of specialties with opportunities in practical procedures and most importantly, it trains you to be a physician who is capable of managing complex patients with multiple comorbidity’s, an individual skill to have with an ageing population.

The training can be demanding but is nonetheless rewarding at the end of it. Obtaining the MRCP is difficult, but as long as you work hard, you will achieve it. Most important, never let your confidence be knocked. I personally failed the PACES on the first attempt, but by maintaining self-belief and working hard, I achieved 100% on my second sitting.
My best advice to upcoming trainees is that medicine is full of hurdles and difficulties in the day to day job, but is important to rise to challenges and furthermore, we have to look at the bigger picture and try to give back to the community of medicine that we belong to. Be that through teaching our juniors/students or improving our work environment so that the following doctors have one less difficulty to face.

Amazing! I am greatly inspired by this and I hope you are too. The difficulty of an exam shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams, more so, one failure shouldn’t discourage you but stir you up to see the best version of yourself.
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  1. YES to not letting failure stop one from achieving one's dreams.Definitely been inspired from monday,keep them coming dr mute!

  2. Thank you so much for such amazing words.

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