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By berrysmotivation - December 14, 2017

I met Temi many years ago, we both prepared for the Cambridge A'level exam. I looked up to Temi because she was very dedicated to studying, she had a pattern that worked for her and it was something everyone admired. Temi introduced me to my first teen daily devotional, that experience is one I really cherish till date. Its not surprising to see Temi make the most of a successful path in medicine. He zeal and drive really inspires me and with no doubt I think it will inspire every reading this.

She says

My name Té Mi. I grew up  in a family of medical doctors and all I wanted to be was something other than a Doctor. Somehow, fate wasn't having that. After all the twists and turns, I ended up as a physician! I am currently training to be a radiologist in Washington DC. I also have training in health care management and I  hope to get involved in health administration some time down the line. I love what I do, especially those big smiles from family and even the patients when they are finally being discharged from your care. The fulfillment is immeasurable. Of course, there are very bad days when I question my very existence but I doubt that I would give up this experience for anything. It takes hardwork, compassion and a lot of determination to be successful in this field. So I would say, do it only if you love it!
For the USMLE, you really don't have to be the smartest to do well on the steps. From my point of view, you need to be patient to understand the testing goal and style. Don't come in with pre-conceived notions. Listen to advise from as many people that have successfully taken the steps as possible then synthesize your personal study plan and goals. I cannot overemphasize this. An individualized and personally tailored plan would work best for you because you probably know yourself best. Don't get discouraged, it's a long and very tedious process, and life would throw stuff at you along the way, (Like those practice test that you end up failing when you got the vibe that it was flowing well 😂) but you can't afford to give up. It is a pretty expensive endeavor but the end goal is soooooo worth it. The training you end up getting makes you look back and thank your stars that you didn't give up in the process.
My personal tips - First aid is the step 1 Bible, Uworld Qbank is imperative for all steps and be careful not too overwhelm yourself with too many materials. A study partner may be a useful source of encouragement because trust me, no matter how smart you are, you would get overwhelmed or discouraged at some point. (If studying with people works for you)
*PS when I say successfully taken the steps, simply means gotten through to the point of taking the step. Passed or not on first attempt. There's always something to learn from anyone who has been through the process.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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