4 Things You Need To Know About Owning Your Season

By berrysmotivation - January 03, 2018

A Wiseman once said
“The man who knows his seasons will always be a man in power.”
Concerning business and concerning life, we are in times where it feels like the fast forward button is constantly pressed down. We’re coming as fast as we’re going, new news is only new for a second and social media is relevant to you whether you like it or not. Where do you and I fit in all the madness? Should we even be trying to find our feet in the madness?
When I was 16, 17 years of age I thought I knew alot. I knew what I wanted to be, I knew how I wanted to live, I knew when I wanted to get married…I had an ideal. I just turned 26 and it didn’t all happen, not how I planned it. Most things don’t happen overnight and sometimes you think the grass is greener on the other side only to find out that it’s a whole different colour! Success to me was married at 25, earning a high salary and wearing a pencil skirt heading a boardroom meeting, but I know better now. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t consider your success without considering your season, which goes back to the Wiseman.
I had to challenge myself. I see success differently now. We are in times of fast track fame, currency in views, and Instagram pictures of lost identities. I’ve come to find that if know yourself and what your meant to do in this season of now you can position yourself for power. In basic terms you will have success if you do what you should be doing at the right time.  When we don’t do this, we find ourselves sprinting ahead without cause or crying because we have missed the landmark of somebody else’s success. So what do we need to know about making our season work for us and walking in power?
  1. Seasons build character - your response to a situation or a season reveals character and adds to character. At times we find our season is not the most comfortable and we tend to want to things to progress faster. Have you ever looked back in a time in your life and thought if that thing had not occurred you wouldn’t be the woman or the man you are today? I remember when my mum passed away. If you had asked me before hand to go through what I went through I wouldn’t have imagined surviving, but I’m here. I’m here on the other side of that season. You may be in a hard season right now – business may not be picking up as fast as you would like, or you have a family issue that’s pending. Ask yourself what I can learn from this time in my life? Gold is not purified by one flame of a match. It goes through a furnace of heat. This season could be your furnace and so you’re coming out of the other side stronger.

  1. Seasons require reason – When you understand that you’re running your own race you won’t have to cross into someone else’s lane. Many people are running because they see others running – they don’t actually know where they’re running to. We see celebrity couples and idolise what we have no idea about it. We wish for relationships we only see half the picture of or even a mirage. When you understand the reason for your path and season, you are in power. If someone asked you if a fork is better than a spoon, you would think what an odd question. The fork picks and the spoon scoops, so without asking about what they would be used for the prior question is a silly one. They do different things. It is just is as silly to compare and measure your path against someone else’s. You do different things. I love reading. Most of my enjoyed reading was actually done in my 20’s and not at school. I use to be so disappointed when reading entrepreneurial articles because I felt like I was behind. I used to think ‘what if I had this drive at 16, I’m sure I would be making more money right now.’ I was living on the island of regret and I had to relocate. I’ll get to where I need to get to looking forward on my own path and doing what is required of me now.
  1. Seasons are sequential – Seasons affect one and another. You can’t have the newness of spring without the shedding off of autumn and then winter. You reap what you sow. Having an understanding of how your current season contributes to the next can encourage you to own your season today. Seasons never stay the same and change is certain. What should you be putting in place now to position yourself for a better tomorrow? I remember when I was doing a post graduate course and working simultaneously. It was year of intensity. Sometimes annual leave turned into study leave. I was tired at times and even shed tears considering other factors I had to deal with, but I had to wake up and smell the coffee. No hard work or extra hours equals no pass. My future motivated me and now I have that qualification. Put things in place now and do your best so that you avoid regret later. Working a bit harder, waking up a bit earlier, being a bit more organised, being more punctual, improving your communication skills…whatever it is decide to make deliberate change now for the greatness to come.
  1. Seasons add value – My mentor said to me once, your life is a message and I carry this everywhere I go. Whether you like it or not people are reading the story of you life and it still applies to you even if you don’t have 1 million followers or likes. The seasons of your life summed up equates to the message of your life. People want to be called legends and but don’t want to live. They don’t want to go through; they don’t want to fight for anything. I love watching biographical films and the best ones are the ones where you see the individual in the deepest valley but you see them rise to the highest mountain. They have something of value to say and something to give to those behind them. Understand that your current season is part of the bigger picture. One day you’re going to tell your story but your current season is necessary for you to have something to tell.
I want to prompt you and prompt myself. I want to challenge you and challenge yourself. Let’s keep moving. Take a glimpse in the rear view, focus ahead but don’t forget to push the accelerator to drive. There’s a lot of noise, but your power is knowing who you are, knowing where you’re at, and working it. Remember a man who knows his season will always be a man in power.

Written by Dolly Fajembola
Speaker, Writer and Founder of Wugu Enterprises
Instagram: @Dolly_fajem @wugu_enterprises
Facebook: Wugu Enterprises
Twitter: Dolly_fajem



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