5 things you need to do before "Med-School" graduation

By berrysmotivation - January 08, 2018

You are back from the holidays, Graduation is in few months, You may still be confused on what you need to do after graduation. The road wasn't promised to be bump free but you can make it a smooth ride only if you want to. Early planning is key. What plans have you had? "If the plan doesn't work change the plan but never the goal" a wise saying that I live by. The goal is to have a successful career as a medical doctor, perhaps your plans haven't worked out well or you have no plans yet, now is the time to stick to a plan and here are 5 important tips that will help you prepare for life after graduation

1.Do your research: This has to do with researching on what you want to do. It could be having a Masters degree, taking certain foreign exams, getting into specialty training or completely branching off medicine. Whatever you decide to do, stay true to yourself . Most of  these things require good timing and proper preparation. After graduation, the pressure builds up and you may be left confused or left with making rash decisions.

2. Have a plan: After your research, you need a plan to work with. Without a plan you may be blown into any direction by the wind but having a plan you already know what direction to take regardless of the direction of the wind. So start planning. In my final year in medical school, I had a plan even though it didn't seem like the best at that time, I stuck to the plan and made sure I worked extra hard to follow through with the plan and it got me this far. You do not have to be on the same path as everyone else or choose a path because so many people have chosen it, their goals may be different from yours. Your unique plan and idea will make you stand out.

3.Save some money: This bit is very important. When I was in medical school, I had a very poor saving culture, material things were of priority, I had the opportunity to study in a foreign country and when I moved back home after graduation, I couldn't  move all the things I had acquired. Only then did I realise that I should have used money for more important things. So in essence this is just to say this may be your last opportunity to get pocket money off your parents, make good use of it, save money and invest in more important things like exams, tutorials, courses, conferences and berrysmotivation career coaching of course. Find out more here http://www.berrysmotivation.com/2017/10/getting-best-of-your-career.html and don't forget Clothes, shoes, bags etc will die off with trends, spend money wisely.

4. Speak to senior colleagues: Guidance from people who have gone through the process is very essential. They will be able to tell you more about the process which will prepare you. In my time I was close to people a year above me in med school, when they graduated and had to take exams, I had the opportunity to speak with them, got ideas, tips and even study materials that made every exam I had to take very easy. Do not be shy or proud to ask questions. It is better to ask questions than to remain ignorant.

5. Dedication and hard work: This is the final and most important step. You have a plan, the best way to make the plan and goals a reality is by working hard. The world is full of distractions. You find yourself spending hours on social media achieving little or nothing. Be able to turn down invites for some events if you have to. Every time I had an important exam to write, I went into hiding. I had to discipline myself to minimise time spent on watching movies channelling those extra hours into productive study hours and it was always worth it. A little sacrifice would pay off at the end.

For further guidance and help on what to do, exams to take, how to prepare for the exams including the opportunity to speak to doctors in different specialties and in different countries, you can sign up for berrysmotivation career coaching.
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