Friends in medicine 2018 ~ Blessing Osondu.

By berrysmotivation - January 10, 2018

When I met Blessing in first year of medical school, we had a sudden bond that has lasted till now. We shared same dreams and goals as friends. I remember how hard we fought to get good grades and if we didnt we would get really upset. In our first 2 years in medical school, when we stayed close to each other we would stay up all night to study. We shared lots and even clothes sometimes just because we wanted to look and act like sisters. After graduation we also worked hard to practice medicine in countries where we would be appreciated and get good training. Our dreams made us work extra hard to achieve our set goals. Blessing wanted me to work in the U.S with her but I chose a different path for different reasons. Miles apart, we still share a bond, one I think will last forever. There is a reason people connect as friends and the reason we connected immediately was our similar strong willed characters to not be scared to achieve big dreams. We are so proud of each and I never fail to talk about her when I have the slightest opportunity to. She is a determined, purpose driven hard worker.
Due to her very busy schedule she hasnt written much although its not really and excuse (jokes) read what she says below. I hope you learn a thing or two and most importantly get the drive to be on a path to success.
My name is Blessing Osondu. I am currently a resident physician at Atlanticare regional medical hospital, atlantic city new jersey. I am in my second year of residency, internal medicine. I went to medical school in Ukraine. I knew I wanted to be a practicing physician in the USA right from the start and I closely followed up on the system and was always very interested in the path to the United States medical licensing exam  [ USMLE]. 
However, life was rough and I couldn't really combine studying for the usmle and medical school at that time because I wanted to excel and then face my board exams afterwards. The journey so far has been an amazing one, I have become stronger and better. It could be overwhelming sometimes especially when the work load builds up but I know it will pay off in the end and that is what keeps me motivated.
One of my favorite words of wisdom is "shoot for the moon, even if you don't hit the moon, you will hit the stars". Failure has never been an option for me so I have deleted that word off my personal dictionary. I don't see failure as failure but I see it as an opportunity. This is just to say that regardless of how much you have tried and you seem to not get to the point you want, try again this time having it in mind that you have a better opportunity to do better.
Best wishes to everyone reading this and I wish everyone the best this year has to offer.


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