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By berrysmotivation - February 02, 2018

Sometimes, I get questions like why did you move to England, Have you got family here, how do you cope with work, what are your long term plans and how do you stay motivated.
It is difficult to answer all these questions because the truth is I don't even know how I do most things, I'm not even sure where I get my strength from. It is ironical because first impression people get when they see me is that of a spoilt young child. Unfortunately that isn't the case. As for strength I think I learned that from a very young age. Life just throws situations at you and you have no option but to learn to cope.
 There are different situations I have been faced with in life and the major one I think has made me stronger is living in different countries by myself without family. In Ukraine as a medical student, I took up the journey myself and decided it was what I wanted to do. I was a foreign student at that time, I moved back home to Nigeria even if it was home, I was a foreign trained doctor and there was some obvious discrimination. Moving to England, I am also a foreign trained doctor. So the word foreign has reoccurred several times in my profile and having to deal with different people with different cultural backgrounds has made even stronger. Sometimes their jokes may not be funny to you or yours not funny to them, gestures, comments, body language is often very different. Sometimes people just don't like you for the reason of not liking you but you have to cope.
Above all of these I have learned to cope in the midst of every storm and here are few things I do to help.

1. I never stop dreaming. From a very young age, I have always painted a picture of how I want my future to be, the kind of people I want in it etc. My dreams keep me going, with the picture in my head, I have to keep moving and there's never a chance to stop, because the moment I stop the hopes of fulfilling those dreams stop. In essence my dreams keep me motivated and the thoughts alone scare me but makes me happy. Never stop dreaming. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is pressing forward when you feel afraid.

2. Reading. Honestly speaking I am not big on reading and I like very simple, less complicated books. Straight to the point. I try to read books that empower me and also keep me in a good state of mind. This helps me in so many ways and it just gives me the opportunity to learn and get better. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

3. Humility: I stay humble to learn from anything and anyone. I think growing up as the last child has helped me stay humble enough to accept constructive criticism. Accept constructive criticism from those who have constructed something in their lives are words I live by. I don't feel too embarrassed or insulted if someone picks up something wrong in my actions or even at work. This is what has groomed me to become a better person. True humility is staying teachable regardless of what you already know.

4. Contentment. I try to be content with even little things. In people, in gifts and life. I practice contentment and not only does it prevent me from being greedy it helps me also practice gratitude. I also try to differentiate contentment from laziness. Some people in light of being content get lazy and there's no push to do more. I'm content with all I have but ready to push myself a little more every now and then. Success is not defined by wealth but by contentment.

5. Reflections. I spend lots of time alone, plotting and planning. Strategizing and creating ideas. It helps me see the need to work hard and gives me something to do. It also keeps my mind busy and gives me an extra push to do better each day. I try not to get lost in the world of social media and plastic lives. Often times I remember to come back, sit still and reflect. The more reflective you are the more effective you are.

I am not a perfect human and each day I try to be better in all I do. These are few things that help me and I hope it helps someone reading this.

Many thanks for reading.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. "I don't feel too embarrassed or insulted if someone picks up something wrong in my actions or even at work". My brain needed that! This is proof that we just never know what God would use to minister to us and eliminate an ugly character from us. May God bless you abundantly.

  2. You are welcome. Im glad you can relate to this. Please follow us on instagram for more inspiring words and quotes...x