How to reignite your passion for work as a doctor

By berrysmotivation - February 19, 2018

As a doctor, its safe to say there are more days when we feel uninspired compared to less days when we feel totally energized to give it our all. This is down to the never ending work pressure, having to wake up very early to meet up for a hand-over or finish work at odd hours if you fit into a very awkward schedule. However, we can’t deny the fact that we swore to save lives and even if no one told us what to expect, we knew somewhere within us that we were more or less signing off our total freedom. Don't get me wrong, total freedom being the first few years till you find a niche/specialty wouldn't be particularly easy. It almost seems like a never ending battle and the world has tagged us as unsocial nerdy humans but this century has changed it all.

There are few ways I try to get back in the spirit of work and love my job so much more. These few questions may help you because they help me.

Do you need a challenge? 

To be completely honest, I find medicine a bit of a routine and its very easy to get bored doing same thing over and over again, I mean check this, before you and I were born, paracetamol has been used for pain and before anyone complains of pain, there is a default setting in your brain that prescribes paracetamol even in your sleep. That being said, when I find myself getting bored of same routine, I pick up a challenge, I either take up a course or schedule an exam to write. This helps me get in the sphere of things again. If you find yourself in same situation sometimes, pick up a challenge. It may help.

Do you feel overworked or overwhelmed?

As a little girl, I read a very interesting story about a man who felt very indispensable. He gave his all to work and barely had time for his family. He thought without him the work wouldn't go on and unfortunately he died and it didn't take long for him to be replaced. Basically I have lived with this story in my head and every time I start to feel overworked or overwhelmed I either take a break or let the team know because I have to constantly remind myself that I have to be in good health and in the best shape of mind to look after my patients. So, never feel the need to please a system or anyone beyond your capacity.

Do you need a change of environment?

Sometimes, same routine, same people, same view can be the reason you start to find work uninteresting. You become edgy and very irritable. When I find myself in this state of mind, I take a break from everything and that's when my annual leave comes to play. Not just a break from work but a break from my regular space and routine. I pack my bags and find the best place for relaxation. If this isn't feasible, I try to declutter my work space, get new stationery, new work clothes etc At least something new to look forward to using or having in the next few weeks of work. So keeping your work space clear is amazing but what the actual break from your usual routine does is to clear your headspace.

Have you reached your peak?

One thing that makes work uninteresting sometimes is a bit of satisfaction especially when you get to a point you have always wanted to. I find myself wanting more when I reach a certain milestone. The quest for more, not greed makes me even more motivated to work. So whether you have reached the peak or not, you can start all over again as there is always something new to learn and achieve.

Finally, this isn't a question but an advise. You need to look the part. Thanks to our generation, we have made medicine look so easy and pretty.  The best part of my mornings most times is having to get dressed to work. I love new clothes, new scrubs etc and I am loving this beautiful and comfortable medical scrubs from karaNothing can be compared to walking into work on a Monday morning with your head up high looking the part of a vibrant, confident young doctor in a neatly designed outfit like this one I have on.

I hope you feel very motivated now? Please leave a comment if you do.

Cheers to a productive week.


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