By berrysmotivation - March 26, 2018

I have been reflecting on my medical school journey and pondering on those mistakes made by majority of students. I think sharing a little bit of reflection and insight would help prevent others from becoming complacent and not achieving their full potentials.

Here is a few pointers of mistakes not to make:
1. Grades; Of course it had to be number 1 so everyone has an opinion on this there were the ones who wanted only A’s and would do anything to get a good grade even without understanding the course. We also had the few that actually wanted to understand and properly learn which is perfect. But not caring about your grades? We are all aware of how it can be imperative passing exams are but to be able to achieve and maintain good grades eludes most of us and we end up settling for mediocre grades, just to be able to further to another semester. In the future what would your transcript look like?

2. Networking; I think we didn’t have as much passion for this because we didn’t delve into it as much as we should have. That would have given us more insight and more opportunities to see other really passionate medical doctors and students. So in the first to about fourth year not seeing a reason to go for conferences or join associations isn’t really a good decision or picking the comfort of your bed over going out to learn, on a non-working day shouldn’t be an excuse. So basically the few conferences I attended, I learned things that I would never forget in a lifetime. Also, attending conferences getting certificates can help build up your resume, build strong relationships with people that may help and encourage you on
Your path.

3. My wellbeing: Being away from home, we tend to forget about our vitamins, actually we are so busy with school and disregard the need to take our health serious. Junk food becomes the order of the day, going to the gym also becomes a huge task, Try to indulge in Fruits and a healthy snack!

4. Acquiring other skills: Building other areas of your life is paramount. I would always encourage this but not at the expense of your studies. In reality not everyone is blessed with a talent or skill, but then it’s quite important, I realized there are people who just gave it a try and have gotten their fees from doing something on the side. Although this should be done with the right footing and understanding.

5. Saving: Almost all-graduating students say this “I wish I had saved”. You know that unnecessary investment that yields to nothing, no don’t do it! Trust me there would be an upgrade in the next iPhone so you can keep 1 for 3years. The reason for this savings is after school there are so many exams to be taken and it’s not for free! Some parents are relieved of their responsibilities as soon as that graduation robe is worn and diploma is given.

6. Your faith: I am a Christian and can speak on this as one. So with the help of
God this mistakes can be avoided. You can get insight on what to do and what
You need to do. Building a relationship with Him helps you in so many ways can’t be over emphasized.

Written by
Adelola Adeniyi

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